house updates

Our house has become a monster. We are creating new projects left and right – we see something new to change every other day. SO, we are taking a break. We need to prioritize and be realistic about it. The new approach looks a little something like this – new trim for the kitchen/sitting space, area rugs, living room and sitting space furniture, and more painting. We have one wall left to paint white by the stairwell then onto the living room walls [color yet to be decided]. We plan to take a road trip to Missoula in July/August to check out some thrift stores – we are on the hunt for unique furniture. I have a built-in project in the works for the living room. Right now we have these random extra deep “closets” with horrid dark brown bi-fold doors. I am hoping for some glass cabinets and a bar to make sense of the space. Lastly, we finally picked up our piano from storage – it fits perfectly in it’s new home – brings a little completion.  Although – after placing it we realized our floor slants to such a degree the right front wheel is about an inch off the ground. ha!

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Other than that – we need to do random things like put stuff on the walls, buy curtains and make the laundry room more user friendly, by user friendly I mean, making it so I can reach the detergent. The yard and exterior will have to wait until next year, or the year after that.

In other news, the weather is amazing and getting outdoors is taking precedence over everything.

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guest room

We are looking forward to at least two, hoping for three, weekends without a house project while the MIL is here. This weekend has gone by way to fast between running errands, buying beds, painting 15 foot tall walls, and cleaning. We need an exploration weekend, or two. All that said, the guest room is complete! We used our old mantle as the headboard, curtains are West Elm (they were in our master bedroom), all trinkets are Target steals and/or antiques, mirror – TJ Maxx, dresser – very old but refurbished, and knobs – Anthropologie. The cameras are finds from our time in Nashville and Virginia antique stores and the bottle – Farmers Organic gin – handcrafted heaven. It was our first gin adventure in Idaho. The botanicals are a unique combination of juniper, elderflower, lemongrass, coriander and angelica root. Like I said, heaven.  I will save our recipe for another time, after all, this about the house.

I don’t have any before photos, but picture an empty room with doo doo tan walls and a peach accent wall. barf.





Plans for the next month to include, but not limited to: sampling at least three new gins, driving North to Sandpoint, ID (#4 on the nations top ten mountain towns…our town was #1, no big deal), long talks, movies, laughing and stuffing our faces around town. We found an awesome Hungarian breakfast joint this morning. Mick ordered stuffed french toast – two massive slices – sandwiching ham, sausage and eggs. I ordered a lame healthy omelette with a side, of my very first, biscuits and gravy. X’s over eyes, died and went to heaven delicious. I know quite a few friends back east and south who would eat there


The cabinets are complete! Whoop! It really changes the space and we are pretty pumped with the results. Not only does it brighten everything, it brings a modern twist to what originally was a river cabin. We have quite a few walls left to paint, blerg. Despite my hatred of painting, I am thrilled to have the kitchen complete…it’s my happiest place.





We are also almost finished with the guest room – it’s looking supa fly and I can’t wait to put it together. Yesterday we got owned by Target and all it’s glory. We kept it under $100 which can be pretty difficult [under $100 means $98]. Yay for finishing projects and actually enjoying it!


We started painting the kitchen cabinets last weekend! Whoop. We haven’t finished yet so this is a sneak peek! We are incredibly happy with the color and more importantly that we can do this ourselves. Because they are, shall we say, low end cabinets, we can roll the paint on and not worry too much about lines or globs. The Valspar paint has been awesome! We still need to purchase new hardware and somehow change the dark brown interior shelving, but for now, this is the perfect (and cheapest) change. Next – get rid of those tile counter tops! *



*don’t hate on my glared photos – sneak peeks are free people!

The little things

With everything else going on at the house, we decided to distract ourselves and complete a few small projects. These projects tend to become more involved than anticipated. Thankfully, Mick knows what he’s doing and can roll through these fun surprises. We hope to remodel our kitchen someday, in the meantime, we can make small changes that have a large impact. The first is painting over all the peach, poo brown and orange, then painting the cabinets and replacing a couple of them.

Saturday we tackled a cabinet replacement. After assessing the current cabinet we realized it was put up before the drywall which meant a surprise in our future.



Oh, it was lovely…1970’s fake wood paneling, hideous.


Mick ran back to Lowes to grab drywall and did a great job matching it all up.


With dishes everywhere, we immediately started painting so we could put the shelves up and organize! We have a lot more painting in our future but just that small space made a world of difference. Mick snagged some great reclaimed wood from his job site [love free stuff] and we picked up a few brackets and anchors from Lowes. He is a perfectionist and had the shelves up perfectly, everything looked great…then I came in. Problem was, I couldn’t reach a single one! Mick had to move all of them, I felt terrible but living with a tiny person, brings a new perspective. Next, finish painting the walls and start on the cabinets! Whoop!


house stuff

We are preparing the house for it’s first out of town guest. The biggest project ahead is completing a guest room. This cuts into our kitchen cabinet project but hopefully we can do both simultaneously. Yesterday we picked out paint colors and a lamp. Sounds small but I get overly involved in color choice so this is actually a good thing.

We want the guest room to feel cozy and warm but also bright for the warmer months. We tend to stick with grey palates so we sought colors that compliment neutrals but also our semi orange trim [which we plan to replace further down the road]. Recently I have been drawn to crisp design with monochromatic accents that are soft but pull together all room elements. The walls are going to be Distant Valley, a Valspar paint.


I am looking for soft grey, white and teal bedding and curtains, I also found this glass lamp at Lowes for a steal! Since when can you buy a lamp for under $100…this baby was only $35 [without a shade].

Our kitchen cabinets – we changed on the color and are much more excited about String, Pantone by Valspar.
We have some experimenting to do next weekend but are looking forward to it. We plan to paint the walls first with Du Jour, Valspar – which is good because then I don’t have to try so hard to cut in around the cabinets. Since we will be painting the walls, we plan to get ride of the floating cabinet next to the sink and replace it with weathered open shelving. I cannot wait to get rid of it – I can’t reach a single thing and it’s so cheap! Happy to be feeling better so we can get started!
In other news – I started a new job so that’s keeping me quite busy. Happy to have a routine and to be meeting people!