Roughing it

Adventure has been our theme the last year or more, so, we decided to take it to another level. This weekend we went camping about 90 miles North. I thought we would be on a lake but we were actually on the Priest River – which is only 10 miles from Priest Lake in Coolin, ID. The adventure began for me when Mick came home and announced he had agreed that we’d go camping with a guy from his work, which to me translated as – strangers. (I had an opportunity to meet two of the seven prior to Friday, but still, does he know me at all?!) Although both Mick and I enjoy camping/the outdoors/roughing it – it’s not something we have actually done together. When we began our original moving adventure, we sold a lot of our belongings and/or gave them away – this included Mick’s 15-20 year old camping gear. We had about three weeks to figure out what we would need, where to buy it and how to fit it in the Subaru. Thankfully we were loaned a tent and a cooler and the rest we scraped up via Amazon and our local outfitter store.

ASIDE: The BEST purchase was our MSR Pocket Rocket stove – it is the coolest thing and literally pocket sized. It was bought all in the name of coffee – boils water in 3 minutes or less – sweet! Having that little guy enabled us to bring our kettle and chemex and enjoy some hot organic coffee. Our upmost amenity. It somehow tasted better out there – it could have been the lack of civilization/bathrooms/running water – whatever, it was heaven each morning firing that thing up.

Anyways – We camped in the national forest – off a 2-3 mile dirt road that went up and then down a mountain to a river bank. There were no bathrooms, running water, organized sites – you make it your own and leave it better than you found it. Digging a hole to use the bathroom was a new experience for me, but I managed just fine. It’s a site only known to locals and boy did we get a taste of local flavor. I think the neighboring site – which was about 200 yards away – probably shot about $1,000 in ammo into the water – just cuz. It was not only obnoxious but a ridiculous waste of money. We were privy to a stellar domestic dispute at 3 Am – you mother effer, you just effing told me you are going over to the next campsite to eff some skank whore *kicking his car* if that’s your plan you better get me off this GD Effing mountain right now – I can’t respect that! I’m going to DO someone in our group, what do you think about that you piece of S – and I bought that effing booze you piece of  S?!

It made for great breakfast conversation. This was all to the back drop of gangster rap on one end and terrible country on the other. Good times.

All in all – it was really awesome and breath taking. Some photos –

The drive in

the drive in

our camp site view

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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adventures in driving

I cannot believe it’s almost the middle of February! We have been buried under a lot of snow and negative temps the past two weeks.


I know our friends in Maryland will scream CRAZY at this, but we both love this weather! The other day we had an appliance delivery and with Mick’s hand out of commission, I am the keeper of the shovel which meant, I was in charge of the ten inches on our driveway. [We notice no one shovels, they all have snow blowers or ATV’s with plows. I think everyone knows who the transplants are.] I got up at 7 am to prepare for the delivery…after about ten minutes I just wanted to curl up and sleep. I was exhausted. I checked the weather and it was -2, windchill -15. It did NOT feel that cold at all. Despite the dangerous temps, we can’t get enough. Something about the cold, the snow, the way our bodies adjust is so awesome. We enjoy shoveling, making fresh tracks and driving through it is incredible. Although, the other day we received an inch over night, however, a treacherous layer of ice was hiding under it. I merged onto the highway going about 60 and slid straight across both lanes, into the median – I started to panic and then remembered the salesman said, when sliding, go faster! I slammed my foot on the gas, slid back to the other side, fish tailed and immediately straightened out as though nothing ever happened. I had to talk myself into not fainting as I felt all color draining from my face. The remaining five miles took thirty minutes because ahead were multiple people who didn’t make it back on the highway.

Despite our love of cold weather, we so look forward to the warmer months. We can’t wait to see our new little hood in the spring/summer. Most people here hunker down for the winter, to the tune of we haven’t met a single neighbor yet. One of the reasons we bought this house, outside of it’s unique style, is we have part ownership of a 1 acre island in the river. It’s close enough that we can get to it by footbridge. We have a boat slip, there is a private beach, fire pit, and cool places to explore. We look forward to spending warm nights there, watching bud swim and investing in some kayaks.



It’s been a long week and we are exhausted. Mick is doing excellent and the Doctors could not be happier with his progress. He is back to light duty on Monday.

In other news we finally got some snow! We are at seven inches and counting – it’s absolutely beautiful. Driving through the snow in the Subaru is pretty rad – the downside is when wearing my Sorel boots, I have to sit all up on the steering wheel. Clown shoes and a mini Misie, bad combo!

Here are some pictures of our yard/house in the snow. (you may see a lil buddy in the window) I haven’t taken any of the inside yet, it’s still a mess!



A great song for a grey day…