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The thing about adventure is: it is fluid – it is not limited to space and time, and requires an open mind and heart. It will be uncomfortable, at times painful, and scary. But, it can also be life altering – bringing joy and personal growth. Moving to Idaho has been epic in ways I never imagined. The air is ripe with juniper and pine – which, to a gin enthusiast, is basically a dream. The landscape hosts the most extraordinary parts of this country – the conservation of wilderness, the mountains, the massive sky, and the lakes/rivers – it is phenomenal. The people are some of the kindest you will meet outside The South. When they ask how your day is, they actually want to know. Everywhere you go they smile, and offer assistance above and beyond. You might wait 45 minutes at the DMV, and once you get to the counter, you are greeted with a smile and delightful conversation. Honestly – I still cannot get over that part – it’s like Mayberry or a movie lot. For two East Coasters this was the most jarring of culture shocks.

These last four years have been some of the most enlightening of my life. The seemingly organic ways I have grown, perhaps matured, have always felt bigger than me. Even in the trying moments, something in my gut whispered, you are being prepared for so much more. I am still clueless to what that, more, is; however, I would not change a single thing. The relationships we built are of monumental proportions. Seriously. To think in four years we have secured depths and heights with such beautiful souls, makes my insides a little bit mushy and warm. It’s weird…but I kind of like it. These people are kind, generous, broken, loving, forgiving, freaking hilarious, gracious, and stuck with us always and forever.

You may be curious why I am suddenly sentimental, verging on sappy; It looks weird on me, right? Unfortunately, it will continue just a bit longer, bear with me. Our trajectory is taking a sharp right turn – one both unexpected and exciting. In a few short weeks we will be embarking on a new adventure, one taking us back East. It is filled with a lot of excited anticipation, many unknowns, and a constant state of pinching ourselves. If I am being honest, we have been emotionally dehydrated these last two years. We are looking forward to some serious soul feeding times with family and friends. A reset, a filling back up of sorts. Our exit is incredibly bittersweet – it has been a beautiful chapter of life – leaving a permanent bookmark in our story. We are humbled by the love and lives so richly shared with us. It was beyond our wildest hopes to know this place and its people. We will definitely be back here to visit; however, we cannot wait see our Idaho peoples on our coast very soon!

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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house updates

Our house has become a monster. We are creating new projects left and right – we see something new to change every other day. SO, we are taking a break. We need to prioritize and be realistic about it. The new approach looks a little something like this – new trim for the kitchen/sitting space, area rugs, living room and sitting space furniture, and more painting. We have one wall left to paint white by the stairwell then onto the living room walls [color yet to be decided]. We plan to take a road trip to Missoula in July/August to check out some thrift stores – we are on the hunt for unique furniture. I have a built-in project in the works for the living room. Right now we have these random extra deep “closets” with horrid dark brown bi-fold doors. I am hoping for some glass cabinets and a bar to make sense of the space. Lastly, we finally picked up our piano from storage – it fits perfectly in it’s new home – brings a little completion.  Although – after placing it we realized our floor slants to such a degree the right front wheel is about an inch off the ground. ha!

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Other than that – we need to do random things like put stuff on the walls, buy curtains and make the laundry room more user friendly, by user friendly I mean, making it so I can reach the detergent. The yard and exterior will have to wait until next year, or the year after that.

In other news, the weather is amazing and getting outdoors is taking precedence over everything.

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The little things

With everything else going on at the house, we decided to distract ourselves and complete a few small projects. These projects tend to become more involved than anticipated. Thankfully, Mick knows what he’s doing and can roll through these fun surprises. We hope to remodel our kitchen someday, in the meantime, we can make small changes that have a large impact. The first is painting over all the peach, poo brown and orange, then painting the cabinets and replacing a couple of them.

Saturday we tackled a cabinet replacement. After assessing the current cabinet we realized it was put up before the drywall which meant a surprise in our future.



Oh, it was lovely…1970’s fake wood paneling, hideous.


Mick ran back to Lowes to grab drywall and did a great job matching it all up.


With dishes everywhere, we immediately started painting so we could put the shelves up and organize! We have a lot more painting in our future but just that small space made a world of difference. Mick snagged some great reclaimed wood from his job site [love free stuff] and we picked up a few brackets and anchors from Lowes. He is a perfectionist and had the shelves up perfectly, everything looked great…then I came in. Problem was, I couldn’t reach a single one! Mick had to move all of them, I felt terrible but living with a tiny person, brings a new perspective. Next, finish painting the walls and start on the cabinets! Whoop!


forgotten road gems

One of the things Mick and I kept track of on our trip – vanity plates. We were impressed with the amount we found the further West we traveled. I don’t know if they are more of a trend out here, either way, we love it. And yes, we judged them.

Blaze – I’m pretty sure this dude had antler stickers and calvin peeing on the words “gun control”
Dona Mae – silver haired fox
Masonic – cult!
Clubman – customized mini cooper, golf clubs, mid-life crisis
Roguewav – sailor in a land locked state
Bugoff – I think they knew we were talking about them
Tco gal – chrysler neon with missing hubcaps, but her earrings cost $$$
em ethn – adorbs [can’t judge – m&m]
dis dane – grump
milworki really have no idea
buckeye – OHIO!
jurge 2 – spelling error?
jarbow – jar jar binks?

After keeping track of these we obviously started to think of our future vanity plate. We could only come up with mnm4lif, not sold.

short & sweet update

I believe we are finally settling in. Not only did we survive seven days in the truck but we also survived two time changes. We are thirty miles over the MST timezone and into the PST timezone. We had one day to adjust to the three hour time difference before “falling back” another hour. We felt the toll on our bodies but weren’t expecting to have happy hour in the dark. With the snow clouds and the time change, the sun set by 4:30 – this will take some getting used to.

Today our cubes arrive – we will try to unpack them tonight and have the empties picked up tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to having all these frayed ends tied off. I also look forward to functioning somewhere outside survival mode and exploring this new life. Buddy is adjusting well – it doesn’t hurt that we have three neighbor deer for him to disrupt and about two acres for him to explore. He currently is laying in front of the wood stove muttering curse words that it’s not on. Spoilt. Mick starts his new job today – basically the HR side of it. He’s probably the best dressed carpenter to ever fill out paperwork. These one sentence updates are fairly boring but I’m all about facts at this point.
We cannot verbalize our thankfulness to family and friends for housing us, feeding us, and entertaining us during this transition. We are so blessed and cannot imagine ever repaying the generosity and hospitality we were  shown over the last three plus months. We are overwhelmed when we stop to think on the kindness and selflessness of so many. We are working on proper thank you’s but our brains are so full with moving logistics, they will come. Promise.
:: Some iPhone photos from the drive ::
[our beautiful country, me & bud, our new place]
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the road’s end

3,000+ miles, eleven states and seven days later, we have arrived safe and sound. What an awesome trip – this country is freaking amazing! We saw a heard of buffalo, prong horns, cows [a lot of them], a dead coyote, two different types of sheep and a bunch of hawks. Such an epic experience.

After a lot of difficult, tear-filled goodbyes, we headed South. Our first top was Tennessee to visit family…I have some of the coolest family. They all live on a 187 acre farm, each in unique, self-made homes some from scratch or from moving old homes onto new foundations. They raise cows, goats and horses. The kitchen counters are scattered with fresh picked figs, almonds, walnuts, eggs, and farm raised meats. They are so generous and there’s never a dull moment. The day we arrived their water pump broke and there was a spaghetti pot with potable water for washing, brushing and flushing…for five people. Thankfully it was fixed by morning. My Uncle, who is also an ER doc, and cousin stayed up till 1 in the morning repairing the pump. These were the only two days my Uncle had off after a 36 hour hospital shift! Farm life. We left with a box of homemade zuchinni relish, garlic marinating with hot peppers [can’t open for 2 years], a hot pepper medley for fish tacos, kettle corn, and hummus. Score! From there we drove three hours west to Franklin, TN to visit very dear friends – we had the best time carving pumpkins, trying to update each other on the last seven months [in less than 24 hours], and the guys had a ball creating cocktails. I love them a lot.

After a delightful time in Franklin our real trip West began. We drove through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and ended in Idaho. We are SO tired, we both need to see a chiropractor, Lil Buddy is done with car rides for awhile, and adjusting to the three hour time change is proving difficult.  Still so pumped to be here. I hope to have my wits about me by Wednesday…thankfully it’s set to snow so I will only be able to relax.

I hope to have the pictures up soon!