house updates

Our house has become a monster. We are creating new projects left and right – we see something new to change every other day. SO, we are taking a break. We need to prioritize and be realistic about it. The new approach looks a little something like this – new trim for the kitchen/sitting space, area rugs, living room and sitting space furniture, and more painting. We have one wall left to paint white by the stairwell then onto the living room walls [color yet to be decided]. We plan to take a road trip to Missoula in July/August to check out some thrift stores – we are on the hunt for unique furniture. I have a built-in project in the works for the living room. Right now we have these random extra deep “closets” with horrid dark brown bi-fold doors. I am hoping for some glass cabinets and a bar to make sense of the space. Lastly, we finally picked up our piano from storage – it fits perfectly in it’s new home – brings a little completion.  Although – after placing it we realized our floor slants to such a degree the right front wheel is about an inch off the ground. ha!

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Other than that – we need to do random things like put stuff on the walls, buy curtains and make the laundry room more user friendly, by user friendly I mean, making it so I can reach the detergent. The yard and exterior will have to wait until next year, or the year after that.

In other news, the weather is amazing and getting outdoors is taking precedence over everything.

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The [almost] finished gable wall!

I couldn’t wait any longer to take pictures. We have two more pieces to go and then the wall is finally done. I’ve spent most of the morning slow cooking homemade spaghetti sauce, paleo banana muffins and two carafe’s of coffee to keep myself occupied. At least the house smells amazing!!

I love it, mick loves it and buddy is ready to come out from under the table. One of the best parts of this entire project is we only spent money on a box of nails. whoop!








Five pounds later

Mick’s mom leaves Tuesday. whomp whomp. It’s been awesome having her here and she’s spoiled us rotten. Lil Buddy is going to need xanax when she’s gone. He has to be by her side at all times and they talk to each other throughout the day. He sleeps with her every night and actually smells like her now. I hope she doesn’t smell like him. This weekend we are making the best of every hour with delicious meals, movies, and martinis. I will need a detox come Wednesday.

We are back in the game! House projects are set to resume and we have quite a few ahead of us. Remember how Mick wanted weathered wood for our main kitchen wall? Welp, he used his charm and acquired 90 feet of an old white picket fence, fo free, and all he has to do is pick it up.

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He has been working on a new condo – the fence was between what used to be an empty lot and the neighboring house. The neighbor isn’t too pleased to be rid of a fence, so, they are taking it down as they put up a new one [the homeowner also asked if he could toss his wife in the new sewage ditch they’re digging – happy guy]. Once we get it to the house we will go through, pick the best pieces and set the layout. I really didn’t think it would happen this soon and I dreaded it costing an arm, a leg and a lil buddy! Although, I did dream about bugs climbing from the walls and vacuuming them up as I freak a freak…I’m sure this won’t happen. [tell me this won’t happen!] Mick is super pumped and I don’t know how this thing works so it should be an experience. We are also still mulling over a couch. We picked the fabric and are pretty certain on the style, it’s just pressing “continue to checkout” and waiting four weeks for it to be made. ugh. Once we make said decision, we will be doing minor construction on the living room to widen it and create a more usable space. More to come on that.

I shall leave you with this:


house stuff

We are preparing the house for it’s first out of town guest. The biggest project ahead is completing a guest room. This cuts into our kitchen cabinet project but hopefully we can do both simultaneously. Yesterday we picked out paint colors and a lamp. Sounds small but I get overly involved in color choice so this is actually a good thing.

We want the guest room to feel cozy and warm but also bright for the warmer months. We tend to stick with grey palates so we sought colors that compliment neutrals but also our semi orange trim [which we plan to replace further down the road]. Recently I have been drawn to crisp design with monochromatic accents that are soft but pull together all room elements. The walls are going to be Distant Valley, a Valspar paint.


I am looking for soft grey, white and teal bedding and curtains, I also found this glass lamp at Lowes for a steal! Since when can you buy a lamp for under $100…this baby was only $35 [without a shade].

Our kitchen cabinets – we changed on the color and are much more excited about String, Pantone by Valspar.
We have some experimenting to do next weekend but are looking forward to it. We plan to paint the walls first with Du Jour, Valspar – which is good because then I don’t have to try so hard to cut in around the cabinets. Since we will be painting the walls, we plan to get ride of the floating cabinet next to the sink and replace it with weathered open shelving. I cannot wait to get rid of it – I can’t reach a single thing and it’s so cheap! Happy to be feeling better so we can get started!
In other news – I started a new job so that’s keeping me quite busy. Happy to have a routine and to be meeting people!

our new place

The first time we visited our new little town was March 2012. I really did not want to stay at a hotel – mostly because that would require us to eat out everyday and we were pinching pennies already. I at least wanted a microwave, fridge, and, fingers crossed, a stove. Surprisingly it was quite easy to find a vacation rental because the town offers year round activities and tourism. I went onto VRBO and magically found a stunning lakeside home. It is used generally as a retreat center for corporate team building or local businesses will use it for larger meetings. The house also has a studio apartment in the basement. This is not your typical studio – it is at least 1,000 square feet and has 3/4 walls separating the kitchen and bathroom. It almost has a full kitchen [no stove but a dual hot plate], a huge bathroom [the counters almost came up to my collar bone], and a super fancy bedroom area. Not to mention the house is right on the lake and we had our own patio to enjoy the view. Best part of all – it was cheaper than a hotel. What?! To make a LONG story short, when we revisited the town in August we had lunch with the owner and she offered other accommodations on her property..month to month…buddy can stay…and it’s super affordable. We were beyond thankful – finding a place to rent here is incredibly difficult – especially with a dog.

Our place – it is a one bedroom guest barn, with a large one-car garage, patio, fire pit and view of the lake. It’s bananas!

photo 5








[1. exterior view; 2 & 3 living room and kitchen; 4 & 5 kitchen; 6. bedroom; 7 & 8 outside – click images for larger view]