three years later

Three years ago today (and what started this blog), after 40+ hours of driving, we arrived in Idaho – the Inland Northwest (Google it, it’s a thing). We are so incredibly thankful and happy to live in this place. It is breathtaking, the air smells like Christmas year round, we know and love the best people, and have never once looked back; hashtag blessed. Ironically some dear friends from Maryland will be here in three days and we are pretty pumped – you better get on that plane! Looking forward to celebrating another year in Idaho, but also showing friends our little corner of the world. Cheers!

A couple line items:  

I graduated to an actual domain – you can now read my ramblings via –

More importantly, Justin Timberlake’s documentary on Netflix is AMAZE. If you haven’t seen it already – DO IT! Seriously, do it right NOW. Do it.

Texas forever

Three words – Friday Night Lights.

One of the best shows ever on television. It is everything. Years ago we marathoned the first season in a weekend and the second the following week after work.  It occupied all our time – if we weren’t watching it we were discussing it – we were lame and we didn’t care who knew it. Mick compared every part of life to one of the story lines, I couldn’t make fun of him, it was always true. Our friends were hooked and we even had a series finale party [ugh!]. Two weeks ago we introduced Mick’s mom…she’s under it’s influence. We get home from work and she’s pouring a cocktail, ready to press play.

I used to have moments [sometimes weeks, even months] where I couldn’t watch it. I made excuses like, I don’t want it to end and have to wait till the next season…etc. In reality, I could not handle the emotion. It is powerful. Last night we managed three episodes before bed – I had to take breaks – it wrecks me. I absorb other’s emotions – I feel their nonsense, good sense, sadness…all of the above, even when it’s a TV drama about a small Texas town. The acting is exceptional, the writing even more stellar. I am doomed to sleepless nights and emotional days over Coach and Tammy fighting or Grandma and her tiara! If you haven’t watched it, get to steppin. Don’t even say, I don’t like football, sports shows, high school dramas…madness. Do yourself a favor and get through the first season. Seriously, do it now.