something i need to hear

I wrote this to Birdie before she was born. 33.5 years of advice in a basic, unassuming form. I have learned that most things in life are as simple has your decision to act. Life happens to everyone, it is complex – it’s size and weight may change, but we always determine our participation, our reactions, our perception of it. Although these words are my own, I find I need the reminder more often than not…well, more like everyday.

Don’t apologize for who you are or let anyone make you question it. Be gracious in these things but fiercely protective. Follow your heart – don’t surrender to archaic expectations/rules. Be honest with others, but most importantly, yourself. Manipulation and unspoken expectation only hurt you. Don’t wish for “five minutes from now,” live in each moment, memorize and cherish them. Own your decisions. Take a drive – destination unknown. Stay up all night sharing truth. Confrontation is not a bad thing. Practice selflessness. Say what you mean, mean what you say; don’t drag it out. Remember from where you came. Learn to say No. Chase things that move your soul. Be brave. Never let any problem or challenge be bigger than you – you can do anything.
Music is everything.
Laugh through the lines on your face and cherish each one – joy left its mark on you. When you learn what it is to love, don’t fear it – embrace it – not everyone knows its face. Dance parties cure most things. Save your money. Seek richness in relationship…let yourself be known. Failure is only a stepping stone to getting it right – it is not a definition or road block. Stand up for those you love and those without a voice. Seek beauty beneath the surface…every layer has a story.

weekend at the movies

After a very long week we decided to be music/TV vegetables for the restful weekend. I spent some time putting together a list of bands for a co-worker since her musical library is whatever is on the one direction pandora station. I then was sucked into itunes radio and youtube videos. Some songs took me way back and others I found soothing after the crap week. We also watched  – Wish I was Here – written and directed by Zach Braff. It had mixed reviews but so did Garden State…so….whatever. It was a fantastic movie. Much more heart warming/wrenching than expected, but well written and very well acted by all parties. Kate Hudson took me by surprise and reminded me why she was nominated for Almost Famous [another fave]. There’s quite a bit of language but it’s great film about family and relationship, and one lone swear jar. Also – per usual, Zach Braff compiles a delightful soundtrack.

music break

Recently, the weather has required a soundtrack. I found a long winding back road to drive – it takes me straight to town/work but it feels like its taking me somewhere new every time. It curves and climbs and falls with such elegance – it requires deep thoughts and wishful thinking. Even on the rainiest afternoon when the yellow lines hide beneath leaves and mud, there is always a song for it.

So – these gems are on repeat – it’s magic…

Kodaline – All I want (live)

Half Moon Run – Call Me in The Afternoon (live)


On my Radio – Colin Hay

This guy…we saw him a few years ago at a very small show, it was one of my favorite concerts for sure. We sat right next to him – he is hilarious, charming and his accent is pretty awesome. This song actually went platinum when on the garden state soundtrack but his actual albums haven’t received that much attention. He’s definitely worth checking out.