the final countdown

Exactly one week until our first visitor! I will try to keep the exclamation points to a minimum…but seriously, SO excited! We carry our homesickness with care and keep it light. Whenever we sit at our table, we treasure hundreds of dinner conversations, laughing until breathless, and sharing futures. We miss fire pit talks, c-time dates, game nights, and tv show obsessions – FNL anyone?! We have met some fabulous people here and are very thankful for the ways they have blessed our lives. But…there’s something about sharing life with people who stand by you no matter what or how far you move away. Looking forward to seeing more faces in the coming years…summers here are awesome…just saying.

We do feel at home here. Things are becoming familiar. We are getting used to various quirks like: it takes three weeks to actually get your drivers license…in the mail; I get carded everywhere I go; driving 70mph at a minimum; the mailman comes whenever he wants; everyone is nice; no one is in a hurry (talking to you mailman); dogs are allowed in all stores – even ones that look like wolves; trucks are stacked and pimped and if yours isn’t…well… All of these things are endearing and so often make us laugh. It’s a small town and that’s what we agreed to. We are running into people we know at the store which is surreal – there’s a comfort there – makes us feel at home. So future visitors – know that we can’t wait to have you, can’t wait to show you around and can’t wait to lock you in our basement!

see ya laters

I was given a stellar ‘see ya later’ gift. It’s randomness became the perfect combination of sentiment. it held all things consistent in a friendship 20+ years young. The items represent [to me] things unchanged – no matter where one is in life, country or world – these things will remain. To the naked eye a box of cheez its, dunkin donuts mug and CD are pretty simple and meaningless – but to me – they are representations of the ebb and flow of a friendship, a moment in time, and a steadiness. These are physical reminders I can hold dear on days when the loneliness of a new town becomes overwhelming, OR, moments we ask ourselves, “what the eff did we just do?!” we can pop in our CD, grab a box of cheez its or a cup of coffee and be transported.

We had a delightful goodbye party last night – it felt surreal. The goodbye part isn’t real yet…not one bit. My heart was full watching people we adore interacting – some for the first time. Our family and friends are such a rag tag group and we can’t say enough about how awesome their support and time has meant to us. So many moments last night I wanted to freeze in time – I wanted to put it in slow mo to not forget a detail – faces, laughs, smiles, awkward silences – the best. We are loved and that’s the beginning, middle and end of everything and we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative.