the nursery’s start

So – is there is another word for nursery? I feel really weird using it. I never thought I’d be decorating, let alone designating an area of my house for one. Babies room seems lame, as does the kid’s room – I think for now I will stick with the fox den or the second guest room. They both seem equally classy, right? Anyways – we are starting to solidify ideas for this space [name yet to be determined]. These plans change and evolve based on new color schemes or finding a $75 crib on a gently used site, rather than the modern $300+ dollar one we had our eye on. Savings supersedes style guys. Pinterest helps and hinders per usual, but I think we have a general idea.

I once found myself describing it to a friend as – simple, crisp, clean and white – kind of like an asylum – but not one that will scar our kid forever. Clearly not the best description but it lays it out clearly in my head. We don’t want cutesy, cluttered, bright and cheery. We want monochromatic, calming, soft and minimalistic – three pieces of furniture max! The first step is picking a wall color, then a color to repaint the crib and then onto the little personal touches. We both seem to like weird stuffed animals, ones that look like someone’s sewing machine had a malfunction and stitched the face sideways and chopped off part of the ear – hopefully this is not indicative of how our kid will look. Hey, at least we know we’ll think it’s adorable!

Four more months to go – absolutely bananas!