old door | new door – house update

There are many things about our house we hope to change in the coming years. There a few items on that list we hope to start this summer. For those things further down the list – we are doing temporary fixes. The first being our front door. We are both fairly picky about the style we want. I am a huge fan of natural light and the front of our house receives a lot in the afternoons. What I’m NOT a big fan of is answering the door. Ever. [unless I know you’re coming over.] I generally hide and refuse to open it. This causes a slight issue – preferably a solid door with a peep hole – one that zooms in and out like a scope would be perfect for my stranger danger issues. However, that’s not cute and it cancels out quite a bit of natural light. I can make the sacrifice for the right door – but I have a feeling that only ups the price tag.

SO in the meantime I needed a change – a temporary fix. We wanted to bring out the personality of our house, make a statement in a generally drab neighborhood. We also wanted to continue the theme of happy. Some virtual friends introduced me to a new line of paint by Clark and Kensington – sold at Ace, the helpful hardware place [you have no idea how many times I hear that jingle in my house…I take that back, if you know Mick and his magnetism to cheesy commercials, then you have some idea.] Anyways, Clark and Kensington collaborated with OPI – yes, Ladies – the very OPI you put on your finger nails. After obsessively texting a friend color sample after color sample, Mick and I decided to hit up Ace [the helpful hardware place] and chose a color on a whim. I made Mick do the ordering, I will take any opportunity to laugh. I watched him confidently and seriously order a can of Modern Girl while the young man behind the counter stared at him. It was sick and hilarious and mean but it made my day.

The paint color is perfect, however, it did take almost five coats to apply which was super frustrating. We were hoping to do our basement door as well but I think we need to wait the appropriate time until we forget how frustrated we were.

BEFORE – whomp whomp


AFTER – we also decided to do the trim on one window to see how we liked it…and we do.


Then we scored some awesome rugs on clearance at Target – big day!


The end…

happy things…

We are making a concerted effort to do things that make us happy. This month, it’s flowers. Mick and I often have discussions – if we’re ever filthy.stinking.rich. what would we splurge on? It would not be a home, cars or flashy things. Mick would have fresh squeezed juice and a new pair of socks everyday. He would also buy the entire J.Crew catalog. I would have fresh flowers. Everyday – a massive, stunning bouquet with things like Peonies, lilacs filled to the brim….it would take your breath away. [I would probably also have a sturdy Marc Jacobs handbag and a couple pairs of expensive jeans, but whatever.]

Yesterday Mick made me flower boxes. I’ve always wanted flower boxes. Today we splurged on perennials and annuals and had the best time doing it. We pretended money wasn’t an issue and shopped till we dropped. It was pretty stellar. i even continued potting through a downpour – there was quite a bit of delight in today.

flower box

insert lining

the depot

jumping jonny's


flower box


There is so much heaviness wherever we look. Somehow, it’s not suffocating. Somehow, it gives us purpose. We see pain and suffering in a different way now – we see hearts on sleeves and heaviness filling eyes – we notice graceful moments and moments of fragility we may have neglected before. It’s as though everyone we know are facing mountains – fear filled futures and stifling currents. One of the quotes I read over and over and over and over…

Tell me Atlas, what is heavier? The world? Or its peoples’ hearts? | Darshana S, Atlas Still Stands, But Does Anyone Else?

I feel this defines our current world – so much heaviness, so much grief and so much pain. Maybe it’s a season, maybe it’s the new normal – whatever the case – we are being called upon to be gracious, sensitive and selfless. Pray for those you see everyday – even those you do not know. We are all facing mountains – some of which – we know nothing about.

the lil one’s space

If I’m being honest, it’s been a chore to get started on this space. I have sat in the middle of the room countless times getting more and more frustrated. I tend to focus on all of the things I hate about it’s current state and yes, that helps because those items are the ones we change first, but it doesn’t make it any easier to picture it complete. The other afternoon I came home – Mick was outside with various tools I had not seen before and making quite a bit of noise. I stepped onto our deck and he was in a zone – major work/creative zone. He told me he was trying something – he had taken the leftover fence pieces from our gable wall, planed them down to their original red cedar and stained them this beautiful blue. After completing five or so pieces he nailed them to the outer wall, surrounding her picture window. I loved the look the planks took once stained, but was having a hard time picturing them as a statement in the space because – well – they were being attached to a pink wall and all the lighting has a soft orange hue. Since I had not come up with a single brilliant idea after all my time in that place – I went with it. Mick has since completed the entire wall and of course, it looks awesome.
IMG_1047 IMG_1049IMG_1045 IMG_1046IMG_1108IMG_1116

The next steps are painting the surrounding walls a crisp white. All our 1st floor walls are this horrible cream – I call it poor man’s vanilla. You know when you buy the three gallon tub of vanilla ice cream and it’s that weird shade of yellow that someone once decided was the color of vanilla [which is actually brown]?! That’s the shade of our walls and ceilings. gag. After we paint, Mick will replace all of the trim [which is a project for the entire house at some point] and remove the ghetto bifold closet doors…to be replaced with curtains…I think. I am starting to believe it can actually look different in there – to the point where I will forget how much I hated the space before! I look forward to that day.
**note – the orange hue in the pic is from our god awful light fixtures, also to be updated ASAP! bleck.

The [almost] finished gable wall!

I couldn’t wait any longer to take pictures. We have two more pieces to go and then the wall is finally done. I’ve spent most of the morning slow cooking homemade spaghetti sauce, paleo banana muffins and two carafe’s of coffee to keep myself occupied. At least the house smells amazing!!

I love it, mick loves it and buddy is ready to come out from under the table. One of the best parts of this entire project is we only spent money on a box of nails. whoop!









We are back in the swing of things. It can be difficult to decide which project to tackle. There are so many things we want to do but baby steps are important. Our reclaimed wood has been sitting outside for weeks, so this weekend we tackled paneling our gallery wall.This is truly Mick’s project. He didn’t tell me anything about what he was thinking and just went to work. Today he completed half the wall, we need a fairly tall ladder for the rest. So far, it looks awesome and we are very pleased with the results. It adds so much texture and character to the space. We now have to decide on a trim style to replace the old stuff  – these details can make such a difference when implementing a style. I can’t wait to see it complete! Here’s a sneak peak…