Five pounds later

Mick’s mom leaves Tuesday. whomp whomp. It’s been awesome having her here and she’s spoiled us rotten. Lil Buddy is going to need xanax when she’s gone. He has to be by her side at all times and they talk to each other throughout the day. He sleeps with her every night and actually smells like her now. I hope she doesn’t smell like him. This weekend we are making the best of every hour with delicious meals, movies, and martinis. I will need a detox come Wednesday.

We are back in the game! House projects are set to resume and we have quite a few ahead of us. Remember how Mick wanted weathered wood for our main kitchen wall? Welp, he used his charm and acquired 90 feet of an old white picket fence, fo free, and all he has to do is pick it up.

photo 1 (3)
photo 2 (2)

He has been working on a new condo – the fence was between what used to be an empty lot and the neighboring house. The neighbor isn’t too pleased to be rid of a fence, so, they are taking it down as they put up a new one [the homeowner also asked if he could toss his wife in the new sewage ditch they’re digging – happy guy]. Once we get it to the house we will go through, pick the best pieces and set the layout. I really didn’t think it would happen this soon and I dreaded it costing an arm, a leg and a lil buddy! Although, I did dream about bugs climbing from the walls and vacuuming them up as I freak a freak…I’m sure this won’t happen. [tell me this won’t happen!] Mick is super pumped and I don’t know how this thing works so it should be an experience. We are also still mulling over a couch. We picked the fabric and are pretty certain on the style, it’s just pressing “continue to checkout” and waiting four weeks for it to be made. ugh. Once we make said decision, we will be doing minor construction on the living room to widen it and create a more usable space. More to come on that.

I shall leave you with this:


the week’s end

After sneezing through the last three nights, getting little sleep, and accumulating the Machu Picchu of tissues, I hope today turns it around. My cold has hit a plateau and unfortunately I still feel rotten. The plumbing issue is yet to be resolved and the bill we got for a 5 minute visit [where he didn’t step foot in the bathroom, let alone flush the toilet to see it’s outcome] is laughable. So, today, is going to be better. There will be no bloody snot rockets on my white comforter [this really happened unexpectedly in my sleep – it was 80% gross and 20% awesome], there will be no plumbing talk, or poop puns. I will make some strong coffee, take Bud to the park, and enjoy an extra day off with Mick.

Highlight of this week – Mick’s mom bought her plane tickets! Whoop! She will be here in a month, for a month! This is how I feel about it…