a brief

Micky’s mom has been here a week and it’s been busy! I would post all the beautiful pictures we took from a day of driving, however, they were mysteriously deleted when Mick accidentally took video of his placemat. Lil Buddy’s cup runneth over and is almost over his fear of the floor. I’m sure this will resurface the day she leaves. She is officially hooked on Friday Night Lights – we have won yet another viewer over. Let’s see if we can do six (or is it five) seasons in three weeks! I came home the other night and Mick and his ma were drinking Gin, straight, and they were hilarious. It’s been awesome to have her and to show off this beautiful place! Looking forward to more long drives and some warm weather! Pictures soon – fingers crossed!

guest room

We are looking forward to at least two, hoping for three, weekends without a house project while the MIL is here. This weekend has gone by way to fast between running errands, buying beds, painting 15 foot tall walls, and cleaning. We need an exploration weekend, or two. All that said, the guest room is complete! We used our old mantle as the headboard, curtains are West Elm (they were in our master bedroom), all trinkets are Target steals and/or antiques, mirror – TJ Maxx, dresser – very old but refurbished, and knobs – Anthropologie. The cameras are finds from our time in Nashville and Virginia antique stores and the bottle – Farmers Organic gin – handcrafted heaven. It was our first gin adventure in Idaho. The botanicals are a unique combination of juniper, elderflower, lemongrass, coriander and angelica root. Like I said, heaven.  I will save our recipe for another time, after all, this about the house.

I don’t have any before photos, but picture an empty room with doo doo tan walls and a peach accent wall. barf.





Plans for the next month to include, but not limited to: sampling at least three new gins, driving North to Sandpoint, ID (#4 on the nations top ten mountain towns…our town was #1, no big deal), long talks, movies, laughing and stuffing our faces around town. We found an awesome Hungarian breakfast joint this morning. Mick ordered stuffed french toast – two massive slices – sandwiching ham, sausage and eggs. I ordered a lame healthy omelette with a side, of my very first, biscuits and gravy. X’s over eyes, died and went to heaven delicious. I know quite a few friends back east and south who would eat there every.single.day.

Two days.

Two days until our 40 hour drive begins. Two days until the last eight months of planning and holding our breath begins to transition into reality. Two days until we step out, trusting, hoping, and actively seeking adventure. The tears have started, the difficulty has been realized and the will is being tested. We are set, ready and excited. We are fighting off negativity and fear but doing it together is the best place to be. Moves are said to be one of the most stressful things on a relationship – I have a pretty exceptional partner in crime. My appreciation only grows in each decision and I can’t think of a better person to have on my side.

Today’s decision – purchasing a cassette tape, ipod adapter for the truck. Yep – we’re doing a little time travel to 1996…it’s cool…at least there isn’t a disc man involved.

Today’s big purchase – 4 new tires – not to be replaced by Monday’s purchase of an antilock break system, fuel filter, fuel pump and eight new glow plugs.

Today’s silver lining – Hendrick’s cocktails, Steak dinner and looking at photos albums from 10-12th grades.