old door | new door – house update

There are many things about our house we hope to change in the coming years. There a few items on that list we hope to start this summer. For those things further down the list – we are doing temporary fixes. The first being our front door. We are both fairly picky about the style we want. I am a huge fan of natural light and the front of our house receives a lot in the afternoons. What I’m NOT a big fan of is answering the door. Ever. [unless I know you’re coming over.] I generally hide and refuse to open it. This causes a slight issue – preferably a solid door with a peep hole – one that zooms in and out like a scope would be perfect for my stranger danger issues. However, that’s not cute and it cancels out quite a bit of natural light. I can make the sacrifice for the right door – but I have a feeling that only ups the price tag.

SO in the meantime I needed a change – a temporary fix. We wanted to bring out the personality of our house, make a statement in a generally drab neighborhood. We also wanted to continue the theme of happy. Some virtual friends introduced me to a new line of paint by Clark and Kensington – sold at Ace, the helpful hardware place [you have no idea how many times I hear that jingle in my house…I take that back, if you know Mick and his magnetism to cheesy commercials, then you have some idea.] Anyways, Clark and Kensington collaborated with OPI – yes, Ladies – the very OPI you put on your finger nails. After obsessively texting a friend color sample after color sample, Mick and I decided to hit up Ace [the helpful hardware place] and chose a color on a whim. I made Mick do the ordering, I will take any opportunity to laugh. I watched him confidently and seriously order a can of Modern Girl while the young man behind the counter stared at him. It was sick and hilarious and mean but it made my day.

The paint color is perfect, however, it did take almost five coats to apply which was super frustrating. We were hoping to do our basement door as well but I think we need to wait the appropriate time until we forget how frustrated we were.

BEFORE – whomp whomp


AFTER – we also decided to do the trim on one window to see how we liked it…and we do.


Then we scored some awesome rugs on clearance at Target – big day!


The end…

am I old enough for this?

Our first non-traveling weekend was mild at best. I think we are still recovering from the last three months. Friday – our first night out – we talked about our initial trip here. It was less than a year ago! It feels like we have been preparing for this so much longer than nine months. [is this move our baby? not funny? ok.] We arrived home April 4, 2013 and the very next day we started preparing the house to sell. It went on the market by July and sold in 30 days! April to July was bananas – Mick worked 8 hour days only to come home and work more. We painted all our interior doors, staged the house, trimmed out the shoe molding, created a patio under our deck, redirected drainage, miscellaneous repairs….are you asleep yet? All this to say, as soon as we were done, the house went on the market and we spent our days keeping it clean, stressing over showings…etc. Suddenly it sold and we found ourselves packed up and moving in with family.  It seems this last year we have been perpetually exhausted. Tired. Emotionally drained. I found my personality shrunk and I could barely muster full sentences. I would often look at Mick and mutter – I’m not old enough for this.

We are finding it difficult to snap out of survival mode – it somehow feels safer, more familiar, than letting go and experiencing all that we’ve hoped for.  We started the weekend meeting with our realtor and discussing the future. Afterwards we went on a 3 mile hike – it was the perfect thing to clear our heads – we have so many more decisions ahead of us – we need to give ourselves a break, more than one actually. After our hike we drove around oo’ing and ahh’ing over our amazing new home. It truly is a stunning. Sunday we left the house once to pick up snacks and movies…and that’s all she wrote. [baby steps, right?]

Mineral Ridge – view from our hike…

Today we have 71 listings sitting in our inbox. Ha. So happy I’m not doing this alone! I still don’t feel old enough to make decisions like buying ten acres, or managing a mini homestead but I guess I will get there.