the lil one’s space

If I’m being honest, it’s been a chore to get started on this space. I have sat in the middle of the room countless times getting more and more frustrated. I tend to focus on all of the things I hate about it’s current state and yes, that helps because those items are the ones we change first, but it doesn’t make it any easier to picture it complete. The other afternoon I came home – Mick was outside with various tools I had not seen before and making quite a bit of noise. I stepped onto our deck and he was in a zone – major work/creative zone. He told me he was trying something – he had taken the leftover fence pieces from our gable wall, planed them down to their original red cedar and stained them this beautiful blue. After completing five or so pieces he nailed them to the outer wall, surrounding her picture window. I loved the look the planks took once stained, but was having a hard time picturing them as a statement in the space because – well – they were being attached to a pink wall and all the lighting has a soft orange hue. Since I had not come up with a single brilliant idea after all my time in that place – I went with it. Mick has since completed the entire wall and of course, it looks awesome.
IMG_1047 IMG_1049IMG_1045 IMG_1046IMG_1108IMG_1116

The next steps are painting the surrounding walls a crisp white. All our 1st floor walls are this horrible cream – I call it poor man’s vanilla. You know when you buy the three gallon tub of vanilla ice cream and it’s that weird shade of yellow that someone once decided was the color of vanilla [which is actually brown]?! That’s the shade of our walls and ceilings. gag. After we paint, Mick will replace all of the trim [which is a project for the entire house at some point] and remove the ghetto bifold closet doors…to be replaced with curtains…I think. I am starting to believe it can actually look different in there – to the point where I will forget how much I hated the space before! I look forward to that day.
**note – the orange hue in the pic is from our god awful light fixtures, also to be updated ASAP! bleck.

the nursery’s start

So – is there is another word for nursery? I feel really weird using it. I never thought I’d be decorating, let alone designating an area of my house for one. Babies room seems lame, as does the kid’s room – I think for now I will stick with the fox den or the second guest room. They both seem equally classy, right? Anyways – we are starting to solidify ideas for this space [name yet to be determined]. These plans change and evolve based on new color schemes or finding a $75 crib on a gently used site, rather than the modern $300+ dollar one we had our eye on. Savings supersedes style guys. Pinterest helps and hinders per usual, but I think we have a general idea.

I once found myself describing it to a friend as – simple, crisp, clean and white – kind of like an asylum – but not one that will scar our kid forever. Clearly not the best description but it lays it out clearly in my head. We don’t want cutesy, cluttered, bright and cheery. We want monochromatic, calming, soft and minimalistic – three pieces of furniture max! The first step is picking a wall color, then a color to repaint the crib and then onto the little personal touches. We both seem to like weird stuffed animals, ones that look like someone’s sewing machine had a malfunction and stitched the face sideways and chopped off part of the ear – hopefully this is not indicative of how our kid will look. Hey, at least we know we’ll think it’s adorable!

Four more months to go – absolutely bananas!