Gin is important to us, so much so, it’s practically included as a personality trait in the about section of this blog. Let me start from the beginning…

Auntie Doe and Uncle Dick have been married some 66 years. They both grew up in Queens, New York; they love to party, and both have big personalities. Uncle Dick was the commercial producer for the tonight show for over thirty years (Johnny Carson era)! Because of his crazy schedule, and his love for martinis and Doe, they set aside 1 hour every single day for c-time. Every day for the last 66 years they break out the special glasses, the crystal dishes adorned with appetizers, sit in a quiet room sipping martinis and catch up on the day’s events. Even when they were raising three fantastic kids, they would take one hour, only the two of them, and just be…with their gin. Most of us chalk this up as the reason they stayed happily married for longer than most can imagine.

When I met Mick and he told me this story, I was already in love with them. When they come to town, their tradition comes too and everyone stops for an hour to sip martinis with them. I love it SO much, I took off work early many times as to not miss c-time. Uncle Dick stands and tells jokes and tall tales of his time with Johnny, while Auntie Doe laughs until she pees a little, all the while, gazing up at him with the deepest love in her eyes.

So to say our love for gin runs deep is absolute truth. Someday we hope to try our hand at making a family gin, but until then, here is a list of our current favorites: (disclaimer – everything in moderation friends. Not promoting this as a lifestyle – this is simply our family tradition – a creative endeavor – a catalyst for bringing our family together and creating a space for conversaton.)

Tried and true – Hendricks

Ruth’s favorites – Aviation & Prairie

Light and crisp; my version of, yes way rose…but replace rose with – Esme

Northwest gins – DryFly & Big Gin

My current favorite – Great 9 Gin

Unique finds – 3 Howls, Cadee, Rogue spruce gin, Beehive, Citadel, Irish Gunpowder Gin