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The thing about adventure is: it is fluid – it is not limited to space and time, and requires an open mind and heart. It will be uncomfortable, at times painful, and scary. But, it can also be life altering – bringing joy and personal growth. Moving to Idaho has been epic in ways I never imagined. The air is ripe with juniper and pine – which, to a gin enthusiast, is basically a dream. The landscape hosts the most extraordinary parts of this country – the conservation of wilderness, the mountains, the massive sky, and the lakes/rivers – it is phenomenal. The people are some of the kindest you will meet outside The South. When they ask how your day is, they actually want to know. Everywhere you go they smile, and offer assistance above and beyond. You might wait 45 minutes at the DMV, and once you get to the counter, you are greeted with a smile and delightful conversation. Honestly – I still cannot get over that part – it’s like Mayberry or a movie lot. For two East Coasters this was the most jarring of culture shocks.

These last four years have been some of the most enlightening of my life. The seemingly organic ways I have grown, perhaps matured, have always felt bigger than me. Even in the trying moments, something in my gut whispered, you are being prepared for so much more. I am still clueless to what that, more, is; however, I would not change a single thing. The relationships we built are of monumental proportions. Seriously. To think in four years we have secured depths and heights with such beautiful souls, makes my insides a little bit mushy and warm. It’s weird…but I kind of like it. These people are kind, generous, broken, loving, forgiving, freaking hilarious, gracious, and stuck with us always and forever.

You may be curious why I am suddenly sentimental, verging on sappy; It looks weird on me, right? Unfortunately, it will continue just a bit longer, bear with me. Our trajectory is taking a sharp right turn – one both unexpected and exciting. In a few short weeks we will be embarking on a new adventure, one taking us back East. It is filled with a lot of excited anticipation, many unknowns, and a constant state of pinching ourselves. If I am being honest, we have been emotionally dehydrated these last two years. We are looking forward to some serious soul feeding times with family and friends. A reset, a filling back up of sorts. Our exit is incredibly bittersweet – it has been a beautiful chapter of life – leaving a permanent bookmark in our story. We are humbled by the love and lives so richly shared with us. It was beyond our wildest hopes to know this place and its people. We will definitely be back here to visit; however, we cannot wait see our Idaho peoples on our coast very soon!

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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three years later

Three years ago today (and what started this blog), after 40+ hours of driving, we arrived in Idaho – the Inland Northwest (Google it, it’s a thing). We are so incredibly thankful and happy to live in this place. It is breathtaking, the air smells like Christmas year round, we know and love the best people, and have never once looked back; hashtag blessed. Ironically some dear friends from Maryland will be here in three days and we are pretty pumped – you better get on that plane! Looking forward to celebrating another year in Idaho, but also showing friends our little corner of the world. Cheers!

A couple line items:  

I graduated to an actual domain – you can now read my ramblings via – http://www.misiesface.com

More importantly, Justin Timberlake’s documentary on Netflix is AMAZE. If you haven’t seen it already – DO IT! Seriously, do it right NOW. Do it.

a year in review, kinda

I hate overused phrases. I think I acquired this distaste from Mick – he remembers every silly phrase used to sell something or ones used by people with nothing intelligent to say: let’s do this, get er done, you only live once, LOL, why the face…etc. He doesn’t just despise all things phrase, he then overuses them to make a point as to how annoying they are. SO when he said the other day, what a difference a year makes, I had to LOL because he was actually serious. The first of this month marked the one year anniversary of our arrival in Idaho. After two weeks traipsing across the US in the worst weather, we arrived alive.

It really is amazing all that has happened in the last year, how we’ve changed, how we’ve seen others change, or not. There was also Mick’s hand, the new house, the first week at the house, and so much in between! I can say for us, as a couple, we are so much more relaxed. Its as if our little house and personal space bubbles are lined with cotton balls – everything stressful that happens, is entirely muted once it actually reaches us. We belly laugh pretty much everyday, we talk about anything and everything under the sun, and we enjoy every single day, even the no good, terrible ones. We have met some kindred souls who are always genuine and always gracious. We have been welcomed and practically adopted into some wonderful families. We have been fed every holiday, celebrated and valued on our birthdays even by strangers. What a gift to be accepted as you are, for exactly who you are and immediately shown grace. To move 4,000 miles away and feel the same kind of love we knew back east – such a blessing.
I am watching Mick flourish as a person – he is grasping and soaking in all those things we all have seen in him for years. He is making a mark, one he doesn’t even see, on so many lives. I couldn’t be more proud to see him recognize and use his many gifts – it blows me away how special a person he is…without even trying. This baby is one lucky lady to have him for a dad.
The only thing that remains the same is Lil Buddy. He’s just as broken and special as always, probably more so, but he keeps our life interesting and hilarious. February will bring it’s own surprises for him – not just cries and coos but new furniture with which to maneuver and objects that seem to move on their own. The floors will be yesterday’s news. We are looking forward to the year ahead but hope it does not rush by – we are really enjoying the here and now and living each day simply and happily.
**italics = annoying phrases

whirlwind visits


Eleven days of hugs, laughing, no sleep and a jam packed schedule = zombie misie. Don’t get me wrong – it was totally worth it but I think I need an additional week of vacay to recover. We had a fantastic time visiting family and friends. It has been exactly a year since our trek cross-country – it certainly did not feel like 365 days. I love how we can go back and pick up right where we left off. What a stellar group of people with whom to reconnect! It’s therapeutic to be surrounded by life long friends, the history they encompass and the future we get to share. There never seems to be enough time to connect with everyone – there were many faces we saw, shared brief hugs and that was it – eleven days is not enough! Looking forward to next time whether back East or here in Idaho.
We arrived home with two additional suitcases – both filled with baby clothes/items/gadgets. It still feels weird to wash and fold the teeniest of clothes and toss stuffed animals into a crib. I keep poking my head into the room wondering if it’s all real. It’s also overwhelming – there is still a lot to do in terms of getting the space ready, organizing things by size/time of use, and ergo wrap trial runs. I think there are a lot of you tube tutorials in my future. I grew in size everyday we were in MD – they say she is to double in size and they weren’t joking. So long as I don’t double in size, we’re good.
Tomorrow Mick and I go back to work – back to the daily grind. It’s good – we get to return feeling incredibly loved and refreshed but a little more prepared for the next three months. Although February seems like a lifetime away, we know the time will fly and all those new gadgets, and their supposed necessity, will take a back seat to a new adventure in life. We will be a family of four [yes, dog included]. Freaking bananas. Can’t wait to see some of those familiar faces in Idaho come the spring in summer – whoop!
[We really didn’t snap many photos on our trip – it was hectic in the best of ways and it just seemed unnecessary. Here are the few captured moments…]
IMG_0884 IMG_0922 IMG_0896 FullSizeRender (1)
1. me and the girls from work 2. Washington state 3. Mick and I at a friends wedding 4. Mick and his best gal Lilly at the wedding

big day

Five months ago we said farewell to our adorable house (which Mick built himself), packed all our belongings in cubes, spent quality time with family for two months, and then, made the BIG move.

[pretty sweet huh? He’s got mad skills]

Old house
We’ve had some awesome temporary digs but today is a big day for permanence. Today we get keys to our new house! We are so excited and look forward to making it ours. Hoping for great neighbors and A LOT of visitors!

photo (1)

the road’s end

3,000+ miles, eleven states and seven days later, we have arrived safe and sound. What an awesome trip – this country is freaking amazing! We saw a heard of buffalo, prong horns, cows [a lot of them], a dead coyote, two different types of sheep and a bunch of hawks. Such an epic experience.

After a lot of difficult, tear-filled goodbyes, we headed South. Our first top was Tennessee to visit family…I have some of the coolest family. They all live on a 187 acre farm, each in unique, self-made homes some from scratch or from moving old homes onto new foundations. They raise cows, goats and horses. The kitchen counters are scattered with fresh picked figs, almonds, walnuts, eggs, and farm raised meats. They are so generous and there’s never a dull moment. The day we arrived their water pump broke and there was a spaghetti pot with potable water for washing, brushing and flushing…for five people. Thankfully it was fixed by morning. My Uncle, who is also an ER doc, and cousin stayed up till 1 in the morning repairing the pump. These were the only two days my Uncle had off after a 36 hour hospital shift! Farm life. We left with a box of homemade zuchinni relish, garlic marinating with hot peppers [can’t open for 2 years], a hot pepper medley for fish tacos, kettle corn, and hummus. Score! From there we drove three hours west to Franklin, TN to visit very dear friends – we had the best time carving pumpkins, trying to update each other on the last seven months [in less than 24 hours], and the guys had a ball creating cocktails. I love them a lot.

After a delightful time in Franklin our real trip West began. We drove through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and ended in Idaho. We are SO tired, we both need to see a chiropractor, Lil Buddy is done with car rides for awhile, and adjusting to the three hour time change is proving difficult.  Still so pumped to be here. I hope to have my wits about me by Wednesday…thankfully it’s set to snow so I will only be able to relax.

I hope to have the pictures up soon!

see ya laters

I was given a stellar ‘see ya later’ gift. It’s randomness became the perfect combination of sentiment. it held all things consistent in a friendship 20+ years young. The items represent [to me] things unchanged – no matter where one is in life, country or world – these things will remain. To the naked eye a box of cheez its, dunkin donuts mug and CD are pretty simple and meaningless – but to me – they are representations of the ebb and flow of a friendship, a moment in time, and a steadiness. These are physical reminders I can hold dear on days when the loneliness of a new town becomes overwhelming, OR, moments we ask ourselves, “what the eff did we just do?!” we can pop in our CD, grab a box of cheez its or a cup of coffee and be transported.

We had a delightful goodbye party last night – it felt surreal. The goodbye part isn’t real yet…not one bit. My heart was full watching people we adore interacting – some for the first time. Our family and friends are such a rag tag group and we can’t say enough about how awesome their support and time has meant to us. So many moments last night I wanted to freeze in time – I wanted to put it in slow mo to not forget a detail – faces, laughs, smiles, awkward silences – the best. We are loved and that’s the beginning, middle and end of everything and we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative.