Hi, my name is Misie. I live with my husband Micky, our pit bull lil’ buddy and our Boxer/Husky Maeby. We love dance parties, a good bottle of gin and making fun of each other. I’m obsessed with nutrition and Mick is obsessed with consuming large amounts of sugar. Three years ago we sold our house and half our belongings to move from one coast to the other. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country with so much to explore. We bought a quaint 1973 cabin that needs quite a bit of TLC – slowly but surely we plan to modernize it…ourselves, yikes

In 2015 we had a precious baby girl, Miss Birdie. Her brief seven days of life, changed our hearts and many who read her story. This space includes that story, our loss and gain knowing and loving her, and all that it entails. 

This is our little corner of the world – rocking home design, exploring the west side of our great nation, and every once and awhile, getting deep. Thanks for stopping by!

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