Short update

I am the worst – I cannot sit still long enough to write anything of substance.

We arrived in Maryland March 26th after a very long four days on the road. Two amazingly kind friends/family flew out to help drive the 3,000 miles…would you do that for someone?! I don’t know many people who would. These two hopped on a plane in the middle of a snow storm (last flight out kind of storm) and we could not have done it without them. They helped clean, pack boxes, load the trailer, make our windows so damn sparkling, and on top of it all, they drove 46 hours with us. [Also, pretty sure those crystal clear windows sold the house!] Mick is loving being back to work with his brother; I am absorbing every pilates class I can afford, and hope to start my treacher training mid-June. Our house is under contract and we are praying it appraises well! I think that’s everything? Oh! The dogs are in heaven – despite Buddy eating every toy and piece of paper he can find (and being sick for four days) – they are transitioning seamlessly. Sorry this is so short but it’s about all I can manage at this point.

Thank you for all the texts and voicemails – we seriously have the best people in our lives, near and far!

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