happy things…

We are making a concerted effort to do things that make us happy. This month, it’s flowers. Mick and I often have discussions – if we’re ever filthy.stinking.rich. what would we splurge on? It would not be a home, cars or flashy things. Mick would have fresh squeezed juice and a new pair of socks everyday. He would also buy the entire J.Crew catalog. I would have fresh flowers. Everyday – a massive, stunning bouquet with things like Peonies, lilacs filled to the brim….it would take your breath away. [I would probably also have a sturdy Marc Jacobs handbag and a couple pairs of expensive jeans, but whatever.]

Yesterday Mick made me flower boxes. I’ve always wanted flower boxes. Today we splurged on perennials and annuals and had the best time doing it. We pretended money wasn’t an issue and shopped till we dropped. It was pretty stellar. i even continued potting through a downpour – there was quite a bit of delight in today.

flower box

insert lining

the depot

jumping jonny's


flower box


There is so much heaviness wherever we look. Somehow, it’s not suffocating. Somehow, it gives us purpose. We see pain and suffering in a different way now – we see hearts on sleeves and heaviness filling eyes – we notice graceful moments and moments of fragility we may have neglected before. It’s as though everyone we know are facing mountains – fear filled futures and stifling currents. One of the quotes I read over and over and over and over…

Tell me Atlas, what is heavier? The world? Or its peoples’ hearts? | Darshana S, Atlas Still Stands, But Does Anyone Else?

I feel this defines our current world – so much heaviness, so much grief and so much pain. Maybe it’s a season, maybe it’s the new normal – whatever the case – we are being called upon to be gracious, sensitive and selfless. Pray for those you see everyday – even those you do not know. We are all facing mountains – some of which – we know nothing about.

3 thoughts on “happy things…

  1. DeWitt Edwards

    Misie & Mick,
    A few years ago our church sponsored a study named “Grief Share” for those who had recently lost loved ones. I told Ruth at church yesterday that I would like to give the study guide to you in hopes it might help you understand better the stages of grief one feels. She will bring it with her on her next visit.

  2. Carole

    Each time you texted me about the flowers you were planting, I would scream in my head…. Yay she’s planting flowers!!! I realize how hard that is for other reasons. I have been in the place of being stuck between today and tomorrow. It is hard to move forward after such a time of heart wrenching time of sorrow. You are so tender and strong at the same time. I am in awe of you and your precious Mick. 💖

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