There is a fear we will never know joy again, but that sounds a bit self deprecating doesn’t it? If you look for it, you can find joy almost anywhere. It may not carry the same weight as the joy we lost, but it’s joy nonetheless…and that’s something. When planning for our little bird, one of the most exciting things for me was breast feeding. I know that sounds weird, but as a nutrition nerd, I was thrilled with the science behind it. Without nerding out on you dear readers, there are SO many amazing things about it, some almost unfathomable. While we were in the hospital, they would store any production in time/date order so that when/if Birdie could feed regularly, they had an inventory. Once Birdie passed, Mick and I made the decision that I would continue to provide milk because there are moms who cannot and that in itself broke my heart. I was emotionally only able to continue this for about five weeks, but was very serious about getting it to someone in need. Yesterday we received a message from one of our midwives, the milk is now being used to grow a set of twins! There it is, a little piece of joy.

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