Turning Page

Beautifully written…sometimes music is more profound than anything else.

4 thoughts on “Turning Page

  1. Elizabeth Mark

    For dear Melissa and Mickey, not a day has gone by this month I haven’t thought of you, shed tears. We both send our love and prayers. These songs are beautiful. Betty and Charlie Mark

  2. Ruth Litschewski

    Oh Mis….how utterly magnificent and profound. It has taken me a while to stop crying to write this. For such a quiet, petite woman, your inner world shared with us is enormous, grand, meaningful and sacred. Thank you love. I am beginning to wonder if healing must take the time to wring every last tear from us until we are dry and then use that sacred water to create something new, as yet unknown, but from God himself. Love you, Rue

  3. Carole Marie King

    My precious Girl…….You are such a beautiful light to the world…..radiating God’s wonderful grace. You are deep and rich and truly amazing. You bless my heart.

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