There is a quote by C.S. Lewis of which I have a new appreciation:

Since it is so likely children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”

So many people have shared with us Birdie’s impact on them and their entire families. Our hope beyond hope is that this impact continues to stretch across the earth for years to come. That her fight can be a lesson of bravery and courage. I hope Mick and I can take the very things she showed us, and through our example and words, touch others in a way that is completely beyond our earthly capabilities. It is not just the children of the world that need stories of brave knights and heroic courage – so very often these days we are bombarded with depressing news and stories of despair, all which can be suffocating. We as adults need to be inspired, to be moved past the point of just existing and pushed into something great and meaningful. We need to be strength and courage to our children and families – you never know who is watching you, noting how you handle the stress, the hurt, the dysfunction of life. We are vessels for love and grace and we need to take ownership of that task. We received so many blessings in the mail this week – thoughtful cards and handcrafted keepsakes in memory of Birdie. She is setting a tone for our future and is already showing us how a life of only seven days can change hearts and minds. Why do we waste healthy and full lives just being comfortable?

3 thoughts on “words

  1. DeWitt Edwards

    Missie may I just say that the faith you and Mick have shown during the worst of times has inspired all of us at Faith Baptist Church to trust Christ more and to put our faith in the only true source of strength. I pray daily for you both and Ruth as God comforts you in the days and months to come.

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