Hey Lil Bird…

“Hey Lil Bird” has become my favorite thing to say…to look down at the most perfect little girl and greet her is everything. She is perfect. She is the best parts of Mick and I. She has taught us so much about each other, about people and life and most of all about love. We love her beyond measure – our hearts have melted where hers should be…we have taken on a heartbeat for her, our blood runs where hers cannot and our breath is now more full because she came into our lives. Our darling girl has shown a strength and resolve beyond our hopes and has left a large imprint on everyone at this hospital and every one of you who comes back to read her incredible adventure, forever. My life is no longer measured in days and weeks and months – it is measured in seven glorious days of knowing Miss Birdie. I am forever changed, I am forever grateful for the many lessons she has taught and the impact of each rise and fall of her chest. I have watched my husband be a father – it has been my ultimate joy to see him love Birdie, to watch him advocate for her and love all over her. His adoration is undeniable and his strength is inspirational. I love his heart for her – I am so blessed to watch him in this way and know, he is ours.

Our Lil Bird passed away last night ever so peacefully. We were given the greatest gift – eight hours with her – no tubes, no machines, no alarms, no monitors – just our darling girl in our arms breathing peacefully on her own. It was as if all she had ever wanted in life was to be right there – close to our chests, breathing in sync with us. Neither of us can ever explain those eight hours to anyone, and we won’t. That time is ours to cherish for the rest of our lives until we greet Birdie again. She is whole. She is renewed. She lives because Jesus lives and what a gift that is to us. Even if you don’t believe it or think it’s just some way for us to cope with her loss – that’s OK. I know it’s true with all my heart. I watched her leave her body and I am CERTAIN she was welcomed into the loving arms of Jesus – there is a celebration for our little girl and she deserves all of it. She is the strongest, fiercest fighter and above all else she is our little bird forever and ever.

Her impact was vast and we may never know to what extent. Her impact at the hospital alone was phenomenal. Nurses came in on their days off to visit her, her cardiologists came and wept over her, doctors who weren’t even in her case came to kiss her goodbye. What a blessing to know your child, in such a short time, could bring so many hearts together. We will be changed by this. We will be broken for quite some time. We will also be joyful in knowing our darling girl lives freely and whole.

Miss Birdie …

Birdie Anna
Birdie’s song…

33 thoughts on “Hey Lil Bird…

  1. lnebbia

    Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story with us. Your faith and hope are so inspiring. My heart goes out to you and your husband, Misie.- Mrs. Nebbia

  2. Katie Hansen

    Tears are running down my face as I read this…I will be praying for you both as your lives are changed forever by your precious daughter.

  3. Aidanora

    Friend I am heartbroken. I can’t even begin to know what you are going through. Your words are beautiful. Your Birdie is a perfect angel who I will always keep in my thoughts and prayers. All the love and strength for you and Mick. Thank you so much for sharing Birdie’s journey. Her life had such an impact on me and my family. Birdie could not have had better parents. Love you my friend.

  4. Dawn & Donnie Tang

    Mommy & daddy your words reading this is remarkable, we cannot imagine the sadness you are going thru birdie sure sounded like a fighter. Love to you both Misie & Mick. I don’t know you but thru family I do. Our love & thoughts are with you both at this time. God bless you. Love Donnie & Dawn

  5. I have sat here trying to find something to type. I am going to try. Praise God for all He has done so far. Praise Him that He is being glorified with her life; yes, perhaps that is it – an entire life that in all its existence, glorified God. Oh that we could all live like that. My heart is broken for you and I can’t stop the flow of tears. I love you and am praying for you.

  6. marybigelow

    Hi Misie. A link to your blog was posted by a friend on facebook, and we have a couple of mutual friends. I am in tears reading Birdie’s story. Our boy was born early and spent several weeks in the nicu… but I cannot imagine your pain now. I am deeply sad for you, even though your sweet girl is whole and perfect now, and where we long to be… heaven. Oh Lord, haste the day! Please know that you do not carry your burden alone. Praying for you and your sweetheart as you grieve together.

  7. Holly Capra

    WE are forever changed. We are closer to the Lord, because of Birdie. I have been in grief work for over 30 years and have never been so impacted. A 6 lb 8 oz package has had the most profound effect on us and so many in our circle. Think of all the circles of those who have been a part of this supernatural journey. Pebbles dropped in water with a huge ripple that has reached so many. She lived a brief, yet, complete life and touched more lives than many who have lived many years. The world is a better place because Birdie blessed us with her presence and has caused so many to pause and realize the true meaning of love. Thank you both for sharing her with us, we deeply needed her. What a gift from our Lord and now she sits in the lap of Jesus, as He tells her, good job true and faithful servant. Forever Birdie!!!
    With deepest love and gratitude,
    Larry and Holly

  8. Kimi

    I can’t stop re-reading this. What a beautiful tribute of love and loss. We love you and Birdie so much. We rejoice in her flawless heavenly body. Birdie’s song is perfect. We are praying for you constantly.

  9. Sobbing as I read this. Amazed at how beautifully you continue to share your precious Birdie with us. So very thankful for the sweet hours you spent with her as she flew into Jesus’ arms. Love you!

  10. Shannon

    Misie and mick,
    I have been constantly amazed by your strength and faith during this undeniable heartbreaking time in your life!! I am thankful that birdie got to be in your arms 100% unencumbered by any tubes! What a blessing!! I am so sorry for you two and will continue to pray for your heart to heal!

  11. Cari

    I am heartbroken for you guys, but rejoice with you in knowing that “you may not grieve as others do who have no hope” (1 Thessalonians 4:13). I imagine those words don’t relieve the physical pain you must be feeling right now, but pray they will bring you comfort as God begins to heal your heart. I found your story from a friend’s facebook post…my husband, Matt Morrison, was a high school friend of Micky’s, and I met Mick in the high school or college/career group at Annapolis EP church, but we haven’t been in touch for many, many years. I’m praying for you as you walk this journey of pain and healing, wrapped in your heavenly Father’s arms.

  12. Elaine

    I’m so sorry for your loss and suffering. Great men and women suffer greatly is the only thing I keep thinking. You and your family are clearly great. We will hold you all in the light, your little bird is free. Thank you for sharing your story its impacted me and my boyfriend greatly.

  13. Tiffany Roush

    Misie, tears are falling as I read your beautiful words about your precious baby girl. I’m so happy for those wonderful 8 hours you had with Birdie, & thankful for the immense blessing she was to you & Mick & all those around her. You guys are in our constant prayers. But praise the Lord that she is now perfect & whole & in the arms of our Saviour!!

  14. Bob and Donna Dickie

    Misie and Mick,

    It has been so hard for all of us here on the east coast as we followed the journey of your family. Birdie has touched even our hearts and even though we did not meet her whilst she was in your arms, we will meet her one day when we go to be with our Father. Know that we all love you both and that your strength and devotion serves as an inspiration for just how we need to receive life each and ever day. God Bless you both and he now has another angel to live in his kingdom.

    Bob and Donna

  15. Amy Berry

    Oh Misie- my heart breaks for you and your husband. I just found your blog link from Lizis Facebook page. Such beautiful words. Unfortunately, I do know the exact pain, and emptiness that you are feeling right now as our first daughter was still born. I don’t know how people make it without the hope and peace knowing that their babies are perfect and in the arms of their Saviour. My hospital gave me the book Empty Cradle, Broken Heart and it was comforting reading other Moms testimonies. It made me feel less alone in my circumstances which was helpful and healing. If you ever want to talk, I’m here for you. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;”

  16. Amanda


    My hearts grieves for you both, but what a wonderful tribute to beautiful birdie and testamony to our great God, who’s perfect care she now rests in. Love and prayers to you both!


  17. Debbie Rich

    Dearest Misie,
    I’m so very sorry for what you and Mick are going through. Your tribute to Birdie is phenomenal and much deserving to a sweet angel who will continue to watch over you two and teach you life lessons that you never imagined. I speak from experience as I too lost my first born daughter to the same type of congenital heart defects. Your love for Birdie and the limited time you shared on this earth will be with you and Mick forever and a gift you will always cherish. I respect this is a time for you and Mick to share private time with family and close friends. Please know I’ve walked in your shoes and am here for you anytime! You, Mick and sweet Birdie’s spirit will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! May you continue to be blessed with understanding and wisdom on this journey.
    Debbie Rich

  18. DeWitt Edwards

    Dear Missie, I am so sorry that you were not able to have Birdie with you longer. I am a Christian friend of Ruth. Many of us have walked this path with you and Mick for months now because of Ruth. She has expressed so much love for you all and because of that, though we have never met we have grown to love you, Mick and Birdie also. I am so thankful that you and Mick are Christians and that you will get through this even though your heart is broken. I believe that your expressions of of love and faith here will touch more people than you will ever know. We will continue praying for God to comfort and strengthen you as you trust in Him.

    DeWitt Edwards

  19. Dear Misie and Mick, thank you for the opportunity to hold Birdie in our thoughts and prayers. May your faith in the Lord continue to bless and sustain you and your family.
    Carol, friend of Ruth

  20. Cheryle Hugo

    Dear Misie and Mick,

    I too am a Christian friend of Birdie’s grandmother, Ruth. I have been praying for all of you to grant you God’s strength, and Peace. I am crying as I read and answer your loving story of your precious child who has touched so many in such a short time. Thank you for your faith, strength and sharing of your love for little Birdie, who is in the arms of Jesus.

    I will pray for God’s healing of your hearts and all of those who love and share in your grief.

    Cheryle Hugo

  21. Sharon Slaughter

    Thanks to DeWitt I have read what has been happening. My heart goes out to you, Misie & Mick. Like DeWitt I too am a Christian friend of Ruth’s. I have been praying since DeWitt requested prayer on your behalf. I have read what you have written and my eyes have filled with tears. I agree with DeWitt in prayer for your comfort and strength. You have shared the adventures of Birdie, and for that I am grateful. I see that there are still caring parents in this world who dare to be bravely different from the vast majority. Your choices and efforts have all been God honoring. Give yourselves time to heal, rest, and refocus. Life awaits you both.

  22. Janet Casanave

    Like the others have said—tears on my cheeks and my heart goes out to you both—a friend of DeWitt and Ruth.She is beautiful and with our maker,who loves her and had a reason for this. Look how many people’s lives were touched and inspired. Stay strong and love each other.

  23. Ellen Power

    Misie and Mick, I am so sad that lil bird didn’t stay very long and I am amazed by the love and hope I felt when I read the words Mick wrote during the labor, delivery, and the week of her life on earth. I am grateful for the strength and courage you and Mick have and send you my love and hugs. Please know Birdie will be in the hearts of so many. Thank you for sharing her love will me. I love you! Aunt Ellie xoxoxox… 🙂

  24. Dearest Birdie’s Mom and Dad, What a lovely tribute to your precious daughter and your faith in our Savior and Creator. As a friend of Ruth’s and others posting, I share their thoughts and am praying your beautiful time with Birdie conquers the hurt and sadness filling your hearts at this time. As a past NICU nurse, it was so rewarding to experience folks like your selves during this time of reflection and loss.
    Your love for each other, Birdie and Christ brings joy to many, including our Lord.
    Tricia Stall, Mathews

  25. Josh and Marina

    We learned about Birdie at EP on Sunday. Almost instantly we were shaken to the core and our eyes welled with tears. It was the sudden jab of red hot memory. Almost 5 years ago our son was born with HLHS and after battling for 25 days was called back home.
    We grieve along with you and are keeping you both in our prayers. When our son was diagnosed we also blogged our journey. Reading the messages from friends and even strangers, some half a world away, was a source of encouragement during those days. The maturity of your faith is so evident in your writings.

  26. Josie Krahn

    Mick & Misie,
    What beautiful words and love I felt from what you wrote. I am truly moved by it. That sweet precious picture of Birdie. Of course you will see her again. I am inspired by your strength and courage and ability to appreciate the very short time you got to spend with her. I am so sorry for your loss …. lil bird–what a perfect name. Thank you for sharing. Hugs & love

  27. Sharon Cunningham

    my heart goes out to you both and I’m so sorry for your loss. Your shared words here are so beautifully crafted and tenderly poignant. I’ve no doubt either that your angel went from your loving arms into the arms of Jesus. Your thoughts and perspective is uplifting and so pure – what a testament of your faith and wisdom well beyond your years. Thanks for sharing with everyone and again, I’m so sorry for all you’ve endured and your loss but am inspired at the same time.

    Sharon Cunningham

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