Immediate/specific prayer:

Birdie has a MRI Wednesday at 11 to look closer at her heart – this is another step and helping the team choose her next step surgically. Even if they choose their path tomorrow, she still has some goals to meet. Her lungs are sounding coarse and they are working to clear them up. Her kidneys need to show they are filtering at a consistent rate – pee was a flowin today, it just needs to have better filtering marks in her labs. They are weening her off her blood pressure medication because she seems to be managing, but they do not want it too high. Her oxygen levels have been consistently strong. Misie is needing some sleep to recover and have the energy to be up with her for longer periods of time. Mick was able to help with her care this evening as Misie slept – he swabbed her mouth with breast milk, helped change her diaper, weighed her and took her temperature. Her nurses have been fantastic.

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