Another specific update

Just left our little Bird and things have improved slightly! The neonatologist actually said she had a good night. Stats: her O2 is high 70s/low 80s with only 26% assistance. Her b.p. is down in the target range and they’ve weaned her off the dopamine completely. Her kidney numbers look slightly better, yay! Her lungs are still coarse but are working normally. She’s got fluid but it’s not infection. They still have her on Lacix and her kidneys are still producing well. All in all a good night, praise the Lord. They are about to take her down to get her MRI. They are checking her heart, obviously, as well as her brain. With babies that have oxygen deficiencies and acid build up in the first 24 hours there is a risk for brain injury. They don’t suspect that there was any damage but they must check to be sure. Please pray that she doesn’t have ANY additional challenges to face and that they can get a clear course of action based on the MRI. Our girl is a fighter and God is so good.

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