Birdie Anna

Our sweet and precious girl has made her entrance. She did so with some serious sass, and as expected, pomp and circumstance. I won’t go into the detail of labor, but say, it was long and drawn out and then almost instantaneous. We had the most amazing nurses, one in particular stole our hearts and stuck with us through it all. We had her for two of her 12 hour shifts and she specifically asked to follow our care to post delivery; she has even called us to check in after going home. She worked so hard and did it with such love and care, we were astounded.

Once our lil bird arrived she had some serious Oxygen issues – her levels we’re befuddling to the doctors. One of our amazing cardiologists who had already checked on us each step of labor, happened to be on call when Birdie was born. He also happens to be the catheter specialist which is the exact thing she needed. They ran a fetal echo on her and he saw quite a few vein abnormalities that were not evident in the fetal echoes in utero. There is also a duct that was open 3 weeks ago, has since closed unexpectedly. They worked effortlessly to stabilize her all while diagnosing the problem. After a few hours they came up with a plan and she went into emergency surgery. After four hours her doctor felt he accomplished what he needed, with the least amount of risk to her tiny body. He has placed three stents to strengthen veins and redirect some very backwards blood flow. He was not able to open the duct as it is incredibly risky – the part of her heart where it lies is the size of a peanut. They will discuss Tuesday how to not only proceed with that portion of her heart, but also her prescheduled surgery on the 30th.

She is recovering very well at the moment – she has gone from requiring 100% oxygen support, to 45%! He was worried her kidneys were stunned due to various complications that occurred, but so far her urine is looking good and urine means kidney function. We love that! There is always a delicate balance in recovery – serious ups and downs and we are doing our best to go step by step and not get our hopes up. She is a fighter, she is bigger than they expected and right now that is solely to her benefit.

We have been able to see her, albeit briefly, but she squeezed our fingers and her blood pressure reacts to our voices. Mick was able to swab her mouth with some breast milk as well. Her NICU nurses are fantastic and her cardio team has already surpassed our expectations. We are doing our best to rest up, especially Misie as her body went through quite a bit – and by a bit I mean, 39 hours of serious work and some serious craziness near the end. We are unsure when Misie will be discharged, either Monday morning or Tuesday if the OB fellow pulled some strings.

We cannot express our humility and thankfulness – the prayers, prayer chains, good vibes, positive thoughts and loving messages have been truly special to us. We are so touched and blessed by everyone’s support and feel all of it and see it in action. Right now we are trying to hit the most people with information in the most efficient ways. If a message or question is left unanswered,it is not personal, we are just surviving.

Love to you all!

10 thoughts on “Birdie Anna

  1. Lois Bruce

    39 hours!! But she is here. Hallelujah!! Can’t believe the complications. The staff sounds beyond incredible- they and the technology are saving little Birdie!! So glad to get this news. Love you guys.

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