It’s time…

Welp – the official countdown has begun and final preparations are being made. Our hospital bags are almost complete, now we are cleaning the house, washing the linens, and spending as much time with buddy as we can. I had my final doctor’s appointment this morning – everything is looking good. Birdie is ready – moved about as low as she can be without actually being birthed. Her movement is great, and she’s quite grumpy around 9:30-10 in the morning based the various fingers she was pointing at the ultra sound tech! They were able to hook me up with a group called the “forget me nots” – they assist moms with babies who have life threatening or life limiting conditions. They address pre and post care needs of the family, in whatever capacity we are comfortable, at no cost to the family. For more info – click here. They were kind enough to give me an unscheduled tour of labor and delivery – by far the nicest hospital I have ever been in. They also brought me a very sweet gift. Build a Bear donates stuffed animals to the children’s hospital, and because of Birdie’s condition, they recorded her heart beat and had it placed in an adorable stuffed lamb. It’s pretty amazing – buddy hates it.

We are certainly scared and uncertain, however, our care at Sacred Heart is unbelievable. Our little one will be arriving so soon with her grumpy faces [I’m sure she gets these from me] and her big lips [obviously from Jay Z – I mean, Micky]. We cannot wait to meet her! We may have a window of radio silence, due to exhaustion or inability to communicate, but will do our best to update everyone as often as we comfortably can. Friday is the day – the weirdest thing about that is – Mick had his hand surgery the 23rd of January last year. Probably doesn’t mean anything, but still, a little weird.

For updates, be sure to check back here – you can sign up to have an email alert sent whenever a new post is made. Thanks for loving us and our little bird!

4 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Erin

    We’ve added you, Mick and Sweet Birdie to the tippy top of our prayer list. The kids are praying too. We love you guys and will be joining hundreds of others all week and on Friday, lifting you all up in the incredible hands of Jesus!! Hang in there,Momma, one foot in front of the other. 💜

  2. Lois Bruce

    Praying for your sweet little family on this journey that intensifies today. Praying for all the staff, doctors and nurses to help you soldier through. You are so brave! Love you guys.

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