the facts

What a week. We have been so busy between spending time together, working, five doctor’s appointments and training my replacement at work – time is quickly slipping by. Monday we had our questions answered regarding Birdie’s delivery, received a tour of the NICU, and met more of her team. I cannot reiterate how impressed we have been with the staff and doctors at Sacred Heart. They have put up with all our questions, we have never felt we are on borrowed time or rushed out of any appointment. We are incredibly confident she is in good hands and could not be more thankful to have that reassurance.

Birdie is on the move – she is definitely preparing to enter this world, I have never been more uncomfortable in my life. She’s super busy getting in the right position and making sure I am constantly running to the bathroom or needing a push to get out of whatever seated position I fall into. The OB is very impressed with her progress and without trying to give me too much hope, did encourage me to stay active, this will only increase my chances of going into labor naturally. To not need an induction would be a huge answer to prayer! We did find out that I will not be able to hold her once she’s born, however, Micky can follow her straight up to the NICU with the neonatologist – he can touch her and talk to her and get as much skin to skin as is allowed. They are now projecting her first surgery to be within the first week instead of the first two days. They would very much like to give her that time to stabilize and learn her normal processes like breathing…etc. They will run IV’s through her belly button to redirect the oxygenated blood so it skips her lungs as it does in utero leading up to the surgery. The first surgery they will insert a catheter into her heart to temporarily redirect the flow until her 4-6 month procedure. This is a very delicate surgery, not only because she is so young, but there is a delicate balance of blood flow to be reached without putting too much stress on her heart but still getting enough blood to her other organs. She will have a difficult time gaining weight as her heart will be working so much harder, and her time in recovery has a lot to do with making sure she is consistently putting on the pounds.
After her surgery she will be moved to the PICU – pediatric ICU – and that is where she will stay until they deem her fit to come home. They generally project 2 – 3 weeks given no other complications. We can be with her as much as we want and at this time she will have her own room. We are still researching a place in town to stay, whether short term just for the surgery piece or a couple nights a week to break up the commute a little. We have received so many gracious offers from acquaintances and strangers alike. Currently our ideal would be a place of our own – mentally and emotionally, to be able to leave the hospital and not have to answer questions or socialize, is probably what we need most. Poor Buddy – he’s going to have a rough couple weeks!
We had our final fetal echocardiogram yesterday just to make sure things are as they were the last time – they were. The one encouraging piece is the wall of her heart is incredibly strong. There can be risk that it will collapse even before birth but the cardiologist is very happy with what she saw. We also had a movement ultra sound yesterday and Birdie is already practicing taking breaths and once they woke her up – which she was NOT happy about – she was moving like crazy and passed with flying colors. Now we wait these next two weeks for her to keep growing, keep preparing and soon enough she will be here! Those are the facts!
Although yesterdays grumpy face was my absolute favorite – here is our little bird as of last week…


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