heart of an awl

We moved to a town named Coeur d’Alene. Mick being “fluent” in French likes to remind me what it means in his humorous ways. We will be watching the news and they will flip to an on-site reporter downtown, Mick will lean over, and in his best nerd voice say, “you know what Coeur d’Alene means Misie? It means…” and generally follows that up with a “your welcome.” Such a nerd [this probably happens three times a week – beating a dead horse].
The Coeur d’Alene were actually a group of Native Americans who lived along the lakes and rivers of this region. Translated, Coeur d’Alene means Heart of an Awl – or nail. They were an incredibly tough people and this reputation preceded them in business with the French settlers/traders. It’s interesting, given our current situation, that we live in “heart of a nail” Idaho. Before it was pretty to say and fun to mispronounce, it now carries great weight, especially for Miss Birdie. After our visit Monday we weren’t able to get all our questions answered but we did learn that she is perfectly healthy in every other way. Her organs look fantastic, she is filled with sass, she may have Jay Z’s nose, and she really likes to suck her thumb. Her heart is still functioning on one ventricle but with intervention she will have the heart of a nail, figuratively in sass, and in actuality, thanks to modern medicine.

This last week has brought so many unexpected but cherished moments. We are humbled, truly, by the support and generosity of so many. Things are falling into place that we haven’t even allowed ourselves to think about. The biggest piece of late, Mick’s boss made arrangements to give him an entire month off, paid, once Birdie is born. We never even thought to ask for such a thing – we just figured he would eventually head back to work and I would go to the hospital everyday. Now, we can to visit the NICU together, we can bring her home together, we can stay up all night together staring, making sure she’s breathing. It was relief we had no idea we needed. The support I have received at work has blown me away. We are surrounded in love and it leaves us speechless.

Monday begins three weeks of madness – I have six doctor’s appointments between the cardiologist and the OB/NICU. I will be on tours, having various ultra sounds and fetal echoes, and meeting, what I now understand to be, a rotating team of ten total Doctors that will play a part in this adventure. January 23rd we go in first thing to begin the induction. I am praying my body will be receptive to the medicine as I would still very much like to have Birdie naturally. It would even be super rad if my body is ready on it’s own. Monday, after my appointments with the Neonatologist and the OB, our entire timeline for birth should be planned and set; by Thursday, I will have the surgical details set as well. It’s all coming together. Thank you again for all the prayers, love vibrations, support and encouraging cards and notes – all of these things are appreciated and cherished.

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