breath in. breath out.

We are coming out of our haze. The shock is wearing off, although it surprises us every once and awhile. We are both finding it easier to write about what’s happening/how we’re doing than answering voicemails and even texts. [not that we don’t appreciate them – we do – we listen to and read them regularly] We have been asked to serve a role, a role we could never imagine or have the strength to endure. We have talked about this specific thing frequently over the last week. We have to be strong. We have to be present. We have no choice but to put our entire selves into this – if for nothing else but to give Birdie the strength and encouragement to fight. She is being asked so much more than us and right from the start – she is going to be a force.

The support we have received over the last six days has been humbling, incredibly so. We feel like we’ve been wrapped in a hug that circumferences the earth from South Africa to Maryland to Switzerland to California to Australia and all that’s in between – we know our family is loved beyond our comprehension. Our local Idaho “family” has been absolutely incredible as well – We can’t even put into words how blessed we are with relationship here. It has nothing to do with us – each and every person was handpicked to be in our lives for very specific reasons – reasons we now see falling into place with such precision – it’s quite surreal.

We meet with our new OB team the 29th – it will be a four hour appointment where hopefully my list of 37+ questions can be answered and we can get a timeline in place. Five more weeks till Birdie arrives – I wonder if she will always be one to make an entrance – she is certainly entering this world with nothing less than pomp and circumstance. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, positive thoughts, heartfelt messages and for making us laugh through this. It means everything. everything.

One thought on “breath in. breath out.

  1. Tiffany Roush

    you both and Birdie have been in mine and our families prayers daily since we found out. I admire the strength in which you both are approaching this. As you know God made her exactly how He planned and he has a plan for your family. We have been praying for a miracle and strength and peace for all of you. I can’t wait to see your baby girl!

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