the best laid plans…

It is difficult to plan for something you’ve never experienced and even more so something you can’t even conceptualize. We do our best to absorb knowledge, research gear, prepare a space and talk things out, however, you can never be 100% prepared. You CAN have a plan, guidelines into the unknown, something creating the feeling of stability, even if only mental. Unfortunately, sometimes, these plans, in all their precision, get tossed out the nearest window and a moment of sheer helplessness takes over. Mick and I are right smack in the throws of helplessness. It is a feeling of which I thought we were familiar, but I guarantee we have never experienced this.
We received news on our lil one this week – her name is Birdie, by the way. Miss Birdie has been diagnosed with a complex heart defect, one that will try all of us in about six weeks. The left side of her heart never developed and with that comes quite a bit of complication to sustain life – it’s called hypoplastic left heart syndrome [careful on the google folks, there’s a lot of misinformation out there]. Her teeny body will face some exceptional challenges. In her first two years of life she will have three open heart surgeries in an attempt to usurp the defect and give her semblance of a natural blood flow – basically a lot of rerouting of arteries and such. We have a fantastic cardiology team at Sacred Heart Children’s hospital in Spokane, and will meet our OB team next week. The next six weeks she is safely tucked away with me, having her daily dance parties and what feels like tai chi. Six weeks. Then the world will greet her with a lot of pain and struggle but I know she is a strong little bird and will be a champion in this fight. The success rate for HLHS procedures is in the upper 80, low 90 percent range.
Please join us in prayer for Birdie and her medical team. If you’re not into prayer, we accept good belly laughs, hugs (most days), and positive thinking. It will be a long road, one we are taking one day, one hour, one moment. We may not know what tomorrow brings but gracious, if we didn’t have each other and the community of family and friends with which we are dearly blessed, this would be phenomenally suffocating.

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