In the most simple terms – we are penetrable. We cannot keep out the bad, the destructive, the unknown we attempt to control. The last two weeks have been constant reminders of how vulnerable we are no matter our beliefs or our imagined idea of “holding it together.” Friday we learned one of our co-workers, a 32 year old single mom, fit and healthy, lives 90% organic – went in to her doctor with a cough came out with a world altering diagnosis – she has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread from her lymph nodes to her hip and vertebrae. There are no words heavier, what do you say? This is one example in a series of unfortunate stories to flow through our group of friends and acquaintances.
Here is the perspective I am finding – life is meant to be lived. Life is not meant to be bigger than us. It is not an avenue with which to only benefit oneself, but is the greatest opportunity to impact others. The invitation for relationship is everywhere. Even introverted cynics like myself need to step out and build relationship, you never know what you can add to the life of another. Although we are penetrable in terms of the bad, we are more so to those things founded in love. We all seek it in various ways, why not be vehicles for it to others? I need to challenge myself more – not just in patience and grace, but in stepping out – being available to the unknown. Love and the act of loving are greater than any cancer, violence, unknown we may face. We not only need to be better at showing it but strong enough to accept it.**
**in my humble opinion

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