weekend at the movies

After a very long week we decided to be music/TV vegetables for the restful weekend. I spent some time putting together a list of bands for a co-worker since her musical library is whatever is on the one direction pandora station. I then was sucked into itunes radio and youtube videos. Some songs took me way back and others I found soothing after the crap week. We also watched  – Wish I was Here – written and directed by Zach Braff. It had mixed reviews but so did Garden State…so….whatever. It was a fantastic movie. Much more heart warming/wrenching than expected, but well written and very well acted by all parties. Kate Hudson took me by surprise and reminded me why she was nominated for Almost Famous [another fave]. There’s quite a bit of language but it’s great film about family and relationship, and one lone swear jar. Also – per usual, Zach Braff compiles a delightful soundtrack.

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