birthing class with a middle school mind

Yep – I’m going here…

Mick and I started our birthing class the day before vacation. It’s a small class with six other couples. We are studying the Bradley Method as I plan to have lil litschewski naturally at a birthing center. We have had three classes, only attended two so far. The teacher is a Doula and not only incredibly educated, but very down to earth and normal. Everything we have learned thus far has been fascinating and basic.
This week Mick decided to read ahead before class – it was about the coach and things they should be thinking of in preparation. It started off safe and normal and then, well… Mick is pretty much the funniest person I know – he has an incredible wit and can be exceptionally animated when necessary. He reached the emergency situations section – things like – if your wife comes to you and says she thinks there is a hand or foot sticking out, what do you do? – this of course required him to act out this type of emergency! Pregnant women should not laugh that hard and have to hold their bladder at the same time! He also had to read about various ailments the mother can get during pregnancy and his gag reflex is incredible – I now know words to say and/or leave lying around the house to make him squirm. Unfortunately, his over achieving status made the two hour class incredibly uncomfortable. First things first, we were given a research topic – they range from labor inducing drugs to various complications – remember, Mick is now a little more educated on complications, our topic: episiotomy. A lovely 2-5 minute presentation is in our future.
The remainder of the class we reverted to 12 year old boys laughing uncontrollably – more from flashbacks to earlier in the night – and giggling as one of us, not mentioning who, would circle every word in the chapter that had “anal” somewhere within it. Mick definitely snorted twice during class. If I had to do this with anyone else, it would be impending doom. Mick makes it all seem like one big awkward moment, one we will laugh about for a very long time. Actually looking forward to the next eight weeks!

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