whirlwind visits


Eleven days of hugs, laughing, no sleep and a jam packed schedule = zombie misie. Don’t get me wrong – it was totally worth it but I think I need an additional week of vacay to recover. We had a fantastic time visiting family and friends. It has been exactly a year since our trek cross-country – it certainly did not feel like 365 days. I love how we can go back and pick up right where we left off. What a stellar group of people with whom to reconnect! It’s therapeutic to be surrounded by life long friends, the history they encompass and the future we get to share. There never seems to be enough time to connect with everyone – there were many faces we saw, shared brief hugs and that was it – eleven days is not enough! Looking forward to next time whether back East or here in Idaho.
We arrived home with two additional suitcases – both filled with baby clothes/items/gadgets. It still feels weird to wash and fold the teeniest of clothes and toss stuffed animals into a crib. I keep poking my head into the room wondering if it’s all real. It’s also overwhelming – there is still a lot to do in terms of getting the space ready, organizing things by size/time of use, and ergo wrap trial runs. I think there are a lot of you tube tutorials in my future. I grew in size everyday we were in MD – they say she is to double in size and they weren’t joking. So long as I don’t double in size, we’re good.
Tomorrow Mick and I go back to work – back to the daily grind. It’s good – we get to return feeling incredibly loved and refreshed but a little more prepared for the next three months. Although February seems like a lifetime away, we know the time will fly and all those new gadgets, and their supposed necessity, will take a back seat to a new adventure in life. We will be a family of four [yes, dog included]. Freaking bananas. Can’t wait to see some of those familiar faces in Idaho come the spring in summer – whoop!
[We really didn’t snap many photos on our trip – it was hectic in the best of ways and it just seemed unnecessary. Here are the few captured moments…]
IMG_0884 IMG_0922 IMG_0896 FullSizeRender (1)
1. me and the girls from work 2. Washington state 3. Mick and I at a friends wedding 4. Mick and his best gal Lilly at the wedding

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