traveling with microbes

Science. I LOVE it. After using my high school biology class as my study hall and barely squeaking by, I rediscovered it in college and allowed truth to set me free. I am a nerd. A BIG nerd and could read science books all day and love talking about molecular processes and how the body works. Micky loves this about me. [sarcasm is also something i love] We will be traveling soon and with the recent outbreak of the enterovirus AND Ebola – the deadliest outbreak in the history of the world** looming – I am paranoid. I wish I did not know so much about microbes and their ability to attach to anything and everything with their sketchy little agendas.

The added stress is this little human inside, growing and relying on my good health to prosper. NO pressure. I ordered anti-microbial masks for our air travel, I have stocked up on hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for all surfaces of the plane, and plan to use the pregnancy card when I freak out on any passenger who opts to cough without properly covering their mouths – AKA microbe vehicle. I wonder how quickly they will remove me from the plane? Mick thought I had stranger danger before this…welp…prepare to be embarrassed.

Clearly we all need to be looking out for ourselves. This is a crazy time and has the potential to get a lot worse without proper procedures and screening in place. I am not relying on a thermometer or someone with a germ covered latex glove to tell me who is and who isn’t safe to be around. Microbes, viruses, and disease continue to outsmart our most decorated Doctors and they also mutate into stronger strains ever so quickly. If I’m mistaken for Amanda Bynes in the airport, so be it!

**read with your most dramatic newscaster voice**

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