robot man

I watched a moody movie yesterday while on the treadmill. Most things I have been watching and/or listening to lately can be categorized as moody. This movie is produced by Jenna Fischer [The Office] and she also plays the main character. The other main character is Chris Messina [The Mindy Project] whom I really like, he’s a pretty exceptional actor. The Giant Mechanical Man, is the name of the film, It’s not for everyone. I can see a lot of people falling asleep or being confused at it’s point entirely, but I liked it. I found the characters flawed and charming, lost but not completely helpless. They just needed someone to “get them.” Someone a bit surly at the world but who also reminded them, no matter how screwed up the world seems. you can still be the best version of yourself even if it only makes a difference to one other person. I haven’t felt lost in a very long time, but in my early twenties, I was surly about a lot of things. I knew who I was but could not find how that translated to the world and to most people. The majority of the time I felt like a conundrum even to myself. At the time I had a good friend who saw through the moods, the surliness and the fear. To be cared for despite yourself and the obstacles you inhabit is a pretty great feeling – A sense of freedom, a sense of empowerment. In those brief moments I forgot to be surly, I no longer felt trapped, there was hope in so many things. It’s amazing what honest and raw friendships can do for the soul.

There are two other coinciding story lines that totally stressed me out – one of an overbearing sister who is completely clueless. The other a terrible author/love interest that made me squirm – thanks Topher Grace. He was a startling contradiction to who Jenna Fischer’s character was. I guess that’s what makes it a good movie – I felt like I was watching my life. 
Anyways, if you’re having a moody day, especially if it’s snowy or rainy – watch it. It’s streaming on netflix. Your welcome. 

One thought on “robot man

  1. Ruth Litschewski

    Loved the blog. Didn’t have time to read it…..but I did anyway. I want to watch the movie. I get quite surly these days. Rue

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