updates for your face

Life is busy, and this is nothing. Mick was recently promoted at work which means longer days and sleepless nights. He is doing an amazing job but he has a lot on his plate. I have been working some extra hours as well so most nights we are both zoning out or falling asleep by 8:30. Everything is cooling off and it is absolutely delightful. The nights these last two weeks have been in the 50’s and the days in the mid to low 70’s. Perfection. It feels like fall, our favorite, but according to the locals, fall is short-lived in these parts. Winter is coming. [i can’t believe I used a Game of Thrones reference – Mick would be ecstatic] 

We accomplished only two small house projects and one major purchase in the last couple months. A new, modern and grown up sofa is in our future! It should arrive in 4-5 weeks and we got a great deal on it – 45% of labor day sales are no joke! We have a few more projects to check off in the coming months, the most important being a nursery. We are very seriously procrastinating on that one. It is unbelievable that furniture for the tiniest of person is so expensive. It’s actually laughable and Mick and I refuse to give into it. Other items like high quality gear, disposable diapers and clothing – that makes sense – but $300+ for a rocking chair and even more for a bed, which in the span of their life they will use for a moment, clearly causes frustration. We have some sweet friends who are letting us borrow some of the larger items but I still get enraged when shopping online. Thank goodness for brownies and dark chocolate, otherwise Mick would have a misie-zilla on his hands, breaking computers and tearing down video monitor displays at every turn.
We get to find out the gender of our little surprise at the end of September! I have started to feel it move – I think it’s either practicing some serious dance moves or I’m going to start calling it Rocky – it gives some pretty fierce but delicate punches. It’s like popping popcorn but with sass. My favorite person in all of South Africa sent us the cutest little onesie – our very first piece of baby clothing. She knows me too well, it’s grey – gender neutral, it has a giraffe – because animals are the best, and it says – baby, it’s a wild, wild world. Perfect. Mick can’t handle mini clothes – he reacts as though he’s looking at the cutest puppy ever. He’s going to be a beautiful mess when this kid arrives.
Our updates are fairly boring but so we are these days. Life has us rushing around and sleeping very little and that won’t change anytime soon. Thankfully we’ve been making some great friends and laughing through most of it. We are looking forward to a family filled visit to Maryland in October and a much anticipated wedding! I have no pictures to leave you with, but I do have this gem…

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