slowly coming around

I finally feel like I am coming out of the dark. The last two months have been…welp, rough. I have had one full good week [with the exception of some insomnia] and it’s nice to feel apart of the real world again. I’m ready for some energy so I can get back to exercising, eating, and being outside! Thankfully, my cousin Ben will be in town this weekend! He drove from Tennessee and we are so looking forward to showing him around and getting some quality time in. It is quite kind of him to make the trek, and hopefully we can convince him to visit more often!

In other news – house things have been on hold and will hopefully pick back up in August with some furniture and painting. We did some unplanned construction on our bathroom – discovered the framing was covered in black mold thanks to a slow leak from the upstairs toilet, at least a few years old. I was banned from the bathroom for about a month until Mick was convinced that massive amounts of bleach killed it. Now we have a big hole in the wall – but no mold! Other updates include, but are no not limited to, Bud is still afraid of the floors. We have had a few 100 degree days with no Air Conditioning, and survived! I am becoming very stupid and clumsy – examples being putting the toaster away in the fridge, not wearing a bra to my first midwife appointment, and losing my mind over the intercom at work and instead of hanging up – laughing uncontrollably for everyone to hear. Thankfully I enjoy laughing at myself, so does Micky, it keeps life interesting

Looking forward to some other exceptional visitors in August and some cooler weather!

P.S. listen to this song – the lyrics blow my mind…

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