growing up and things

I think in some ways I was born an adult. I had my kid adventures – midnight plastic gun fights, fort building with garden hose swings, spelunking with little knowledge of what I was doing, and camping in the backyard. However, I was always the responsible one, always the rule follower and always the logical thinker. I saved my money, I had a job at age 12 and I organized the crap out of my mom’s office. At times I probably missed out on some key teenage milestones but whatever, most of them are overrated. Recently, I want to be 11 again, all 48 pounds of myself, tearing through the Tennessee woods with my plastic machine gun, dirt smeared face and black sweats. I want to tackle my cousin at the makeshift bridge and whistle as poorly as I do now to alert my brother of a mission accomplished. I didn’t have a care in the world and my biggest fear was forgetting my class schedule [of which I still have nightmares].

There are times in life we are reminded how exhausting adulthood can be. How daunting the future, in all its hiccups. Mick and I used to tread lightly but, last year we decided, lets dive in! Sometimes we didn’t even plug our noses. We are facing a new adventure, one we tripped into, no goggles or nose plugs – we plan to flounder and learn as we go. You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Let me stop spinning in circles and spell it out. There is a Lil Litschewski arriving in 2015. Yup. You read that right – your jaw is probably on the floor, we are still collecting ours. A human, one that will resemble both Mick and I is set to arrive sometime at the beginning of the year. It was unexpected, although I’m now learning of the many people praying and willing it to be so. We are still absorbing the news – Mick is handling it much better than myself. Partially because he’s hasn’t been wearing motion sickness bands everywhere, living off corn tortillas and oyster crackers and crawling on the floor to get around the house – no one wants hurl on the new rug. He can also still wear regular pants, this is the biggest bitterness in our house at the moment.

I can currently smell everything in a 20 foot radius and taste every ingredient/chemical in food. This lil person is stealing all my energy along with whatever brain cells one needs in order to locate their pen, put together a color coordinated outfit and remember to wear a bra. I’m making this look awesome. The biggest blessing of it all is we have six more months to get used to the idea and pretend we’re ready. Pour a little out for me next time you have a delicious summer cocktail.

5 thoughts on “growing up and things

  1. Sheena

    Soo excited for you both! He or She will be beautiful/ Handsome.. Sending lots of love and dramamine your way 🙂

  2. Aunt Carolyn

    I’m so happy and excited for you three! You have my love and prayers for health and the
    L-RD’s blessings!

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