No man is an island

I feel like I missed the month of April. Between visitors, a work audit and taxes – it escaped my notice.

We’ve had quite a lovely time these past weeks. We realized how unprepared we are for guests – our fridge is generally empty, our towels mismatched and our furniture enough for three [the dog still squeezes in somehow]. We have a lot of work to do in planning for the next set of travelers. Despite our eight forks, eight spoons and four placemats, we cannot wait. Watching Mick’s mom experience everything was fantastic! We explored new places, got to know ours a little better and are so thankful to have such wonderful family.
I talked to a dear friend the other day and despite the 9 hours and thousands of miles separating us – it was almost like having coffee. We go through many seasons in this life, how we function in them determines the outcome, who we are when they are complete. Sometimes these seasons repeat, most of the time we don’t grasp their origin the first time round. As much as instinct pushes me to bury my head, these times deserve and urge conversation. Although our experiences are different, they beg the same questions and encourage soul stretching steps. We are gifted this life. It requires character and vulnerability. We fail when we wear a stoic face and play a role someone else deems appropriate. Success, loss, heartache, joy all deserve an honest voice. We don’t realize how much strength we gain when we speak out, when we state our pain and ask others to support us. I know this all sounds soft and as though giving into the season is simple. More often than not, it’s painful and suffocating, but we hopefully become better versions of ourselves. I have been encouraged recently by some incredibly brave friends – all who are going through their own suffocating seasons. Their encouragement and their struggles are vital in wading through mine. We are a community, although near and far, of kindred souls. We battle whatever the world tosses our way and the things inside each of us that make our struggles unique. We have each other. That is something to be cultivated, something without price.

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