Texas forever

Three words – Friday Night Lights.

One of the best shows ever on television. It is everything. Years ago we marathoned the first season in a weekend and the second the following week after work.  It occupied all our time – if we weren’t watching it we were discussing it – we were lame and we didn’t care who knew it. Mick compared every part of life to one of the story lines, I couldn’t make fun of him, it was always true. Our friends were hooked and we even had a series finale party [ugh!]. Two weeks ago we introduced Mick’s mom…she’s under it’s influence. We get home from work and she’s pouring a cocktail, ready to press play.

I used to have moments [sometimes weeks, even months] where I couldn’t watch it. I made excuses like, I don’t want it to end and have to wait till the next season…etc. In reality, I could not handle the emotion. It is powerful. Last night we managed three episodes before bed – I had to take breaks – it wrecks me. I absorb other’s emotions – I feel their nonsense, good sense, sadness…all of the above, even when it’s a TV drama about a small Texas town. The acting is exceptional, the writing even more stellar. I am doomed to sleepless nights and emotional days over Coach and Tammy fighting or Grandma and her tiara! If you haven’t watched it, get to steppin. Don’t even say, I don’t like football, sports shows, high school dramas…madness. Do yourself a favor and get through the first season. Seriously, do it now.

One thought on “Texas forever

  1. Ashleigh

    so true… 🙂 also.. you should read the book! it’s not as good as the show obs, but gives more insight into the culture of the town.. 🙂

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