We have been out of touch these last few weeks. There are moments we feel neglectful and selfish…but not really. Adjustment seems timeless and can feel stalled – it’s a process. This last year we took a lot of crazy chances, and with them, doubt hid behind corners, in familiar faces and even each other. Yesterday we were reminded of the truth that brought us to this place. We spent a relaxing morning gabbing over coffee, practicing our spy tactics, and enjoying the most beautiful afternoon to date. It was surpassed only by dinner with our sweet friend Lois. She was the first person we met a year ago and from whom we rented upon moving. We have only physically been inside her house one other time, but it feels like home. She has the most breathtaking views of this town, different from every window – it will overwhelm you, in the best of ways. Her yard was our yard for three months and her views, ours. While showing Mick’s mom her home, our temporary home and Lil Buddy’s favorite place in Idaho – we both felt assured. This is our life, this is where we are supposed to be and doubt, in all it’s forms, has no place here.


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