The little things

With everything else going on at the house, we decided to distract ourselves and complete a few small projects. These projects tend to become more involved than anticipated. Thankfully, Mick knows what he’s doing and can roll through these fun surprises. We hope to remodel our kitchen someday, in the meantime, we can make small changes that have a large impact. The first is painting over all the peach, poo brown and orange, then painting the cabinets and replacing a couple of them.

Saturday we tackled a cabinet replacement. After assessing the current cabinet we realized it was put up before the drywall which meant a surprise in our future.



Oh, it was lovely…1970’s fake wood paneling, hideous.


Mick ran back to Lowes to grab drywall and did a great job matching it all up.


With dishes everywhere, we immediately started painting so we could put the shelves up and organize! We have a lot more painting in our future but just that small space made a world of difference. Mick snagged some great reclaimed wood from his job site [love free stuff] and we picked up a few brackets and anchors from Lowes. He is a perfectionist and had the shelves up perfectly, everything looked great…then I came in. Problem was, I couldn’t reach a single one! Mick had to move all of them, I felt terrible but living with a tiny person, brings a new perspective. Next, finish painting the walls and start on the cabinets! Whoop!


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