house stuff

We are preparing the house for it’s first out of town guest. The biggest project ahead is completing a guest room. This cuts into our kitchen cabinet project but hopefully we can do both simultaneously. Yesterday we picked out paint colors and a lamp. Sounds small but I get overly involved in color choice so this is actually a good thing.

We want the guest room to feel cozy and warm but also bright for the warmer months. We tend to stick with grey palates so we sought colors that compliment neutrals but also our semi orange trim [which we plan to replace further down the road]. Recently I have been drawn to crisp design with monochromatic accents that are soft but pull together all room elements. The walls are going to be Distant Valley, a Valspar paint.


I am looking for soft grey, white and teal bedding and curtains, I also found this glass lamp at Lowes for a steal! Since when can you buy a lamp for under $100…this baby was only $35 [without a shade].

Our kitchen cabinets – we changed on the color and are much more excited about String, Pantone by Valspar.
We have some experimenting to do next weekend but are looking forward to it. We plan to paint the walls first with Du Jour, Valspar – which is good because then I don’t have to try so hard to cut in around the cabinets. Since we will be painting the walls, we plan to get ride of the floating cabinet next to the sink and replace it with weathered open shelving. I cannot wait to get rid of it – I can’t reach a single thing and it’s so cheap! Happy to be feeling better so we can get started!
In other news – I started a new job so that’s keeping me quite busy. Happy to have a routine and to be meeting people!

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