the week’s end

After sneezing through the last three nights, getting little sleep, and accumulating the Machu Picchu of tissues, I hope today turns it around. My cold has hit a plateau and unfortunately I still feel rotten. The plumbing issue is yet to be resolved and the bill we got for a 5 minute visit [where he didn’t step foot in the bathroom, let alone flush the toilet to see it’s outcome] is laughable. So, today, is going to be better. There will be no bloody snot rockets on my white comforter [this really happened unexpectedly in my sleep – it was 80% gross and 20% awesome], there will be no plumbing talk, or poop puns. I will make some strong coffee, take Bud to the park, and enjoy an extra day off with Mick.

Highlight of this week – Mick’s mom bought her plane tickets! Whoop! She will be here in a month, for a month! This is how I feel about it…

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