poop. We have poop, lots of poop and it’s bubbling up in our 1st floor shower. This means whenever I do laundry, one of us showers or flushes an upstairs toilet, the 1st floor shower fills up with doo doo brown nastiness. It’s pretty foul and infuriating. We are learning the previous homeowners did not disclose some key information regarding the septic system, so we have a lot of plumbers in our future. Worst case we need to replace all our pipes to the septic tank, best case, we have a clog somewhere which is a much simpler fix. We lived here three days before it all happened which means a lot of the poo we are dealing with, isn’t even ours. ew.

In our trips to the depot to get snakes, plungers and other plumbing tools we grabbed a few paint samples. Since we won’t be remodeling the kitchen this year or the next, we plan to paint our existing cabinets. We can’t escape grays and I think we found the shade we like – Chinchilla by Glidden – hope it’s not too light.


In the coming weeks we will start sanding the cabinets – there is an easier option, Liquid sandpaper, but it’s incredibly toxic and I’m not down with that. If it’s not too crazy a process, I will also do to the bathroom vanities – they are pretty dank. We also plan to paint the large open space walls of the vaulted space white instead of the current gag inducing shade of peach. Looking forward to see how the space transforms! Also, Mick’s mom is coming to visit in a month and she has a great eye for decorating. Excited to hear her ideas, but more excited to see a familiar face, squeeze her tight and show her around this awesome place!

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