the house part 1

First let me say we LOVE our new house. It’s cozy, sweet, and unique. We fell in love with the exposed brick, the unique style and most of all the possibilities. Everyday we see it differently and come up with hopes and dreams for all it’s potential. Here are a few pictures, starting with the kitchen/dining/sitting areas [excuse the mess and darkness, umpteenth grey day in a row].

This is what you see at the end of our entry hallway. We LOVE the ceiling and exposed beams. It’s a dream. We are currently researching saw mills to locate wood scraps (a lot of them). We plan to panel the wall with weathered wood, actually this entire room. Mick is most pumped about this project because it will be incredibly detailed, which is his bread and butter. All the trash is pretty stellar but unfortunately we will be getting rid of it and it will make this space seem so empty.

Kitchen/dining area. This is my baby – right now, it’s exactly what we need and we can deal. Eventually we will remodel the entire jam. Mick is going to build a larger, functional island with storage and hopefully a gas cooktop. We hope for either concrete counters or a big slab of wood – not refined like butcher block but with all its raw edges and knots. Mick is going to build all new cabinetry along with some raw open shelving for my ridiculous collection of dishes and various other cooking tools. First things first we are switching out those pendants with something more industrial which we both can’t wait to do! [those walls will also have the weathered wood]

Sitting area [c-time spot!] – Replacing those paper lantern pendants, again, with something more industrial/modern. We are excited about this space – the wall next to the window will hold all our framed maps and against the brick will be our piano. We have some furniture to buy for sitting – we don’t know what we’re looking for yet. I really want to try and hang our glass chandelier from that main beam – it would be amazing!

So that’s the start – looking forward to all the projects big and small. The bedroom area is my nemesis, I need some serious inspiration. Hopefully our next sunny day I can get better photos of our walk-in pantry – I’m in love and can’t wait to customize it.

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