there’s no crying in Walmart

What a tiring, awesome and enlightening few days. If we had to pick a word to describe this time it would be kindness. We have been humbled over and over by the kindness of new friends and strangers. Although it has taken us two weeks to move, it would not be possible without friends who delivered all our furniture and our landlady who has taken time out of her day to carry boxes and encourage us along the way. Every.single.person we met at the hospital blew us away. I honestly didn’t know hospital employees could be so happy with their work. Mick’s surgeon was amazing and so involved in each step…minds are blown.

Mick is doing great! His surgery lasted 90 minutes and ended up with two screws in his middle finger joint. It fractured on a diagonal, pretty gnarly. Because of the angle, the bone in his hand shrunk backward altering the alignment by 3.5mm. Thankfully the Doctor was able to get it back to less than 1mm. Mick handled the anesthesia well and only said one or two funny things, I was hoping for more. The Doctor expects his hand to be back to normal in about three months after weekly physical therapy.

photo (3)

I spent the pre op portion with him and the rest in the waiting room – It was a colorful experience. Loud families, fish massacres in the waiting area fish tank and fire alarms. My favorite quote from another pre op patient, “man, you guys are killin me! I haven’t had a cigarette since last night, this is terrible!” um, sorry bud but you’re killin yourself…and you probably shouldn’t say that to your doctor.

After 4 or so hours we were discharged and headed to pick up a gamut of prescriptions. Not really knowing the area, we picked a Walmart close to our new place. Welp, this was the worst idea ever. I spent the next hour losing all hope in the human race. i watched a child act like a monster and her grandmother do the same. It was disheartening and I was stuck watching, listening, being overwhelmed by it all. My medium pizza almost became a victim to the stomping of the little girl. not cool. After explaining our situation three times to the pharmacist, I took a walk through the aisles, tears fighting for air. As I paused to catch my breath, I heard Tom Hanks, “there’s NO crying in Walmart!” When Tom Hanks tells you to stop crying, you stop. I finally made it out only to find the car battery dead from Mick’s bluetooth. blerg. Needless to say, there was a large gin and tonic in my future.

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