days one and two

Eeeek! What a weekend of feeling excited, overwhelmed and old. With Mick’s hand out of commission I was anxious figuring out how to get our boxes not only in the truck but in the house. I don’t know if it’s the strong coffee we drink, my excitement, or my inability to sit still – somehow I managed. There were moments my height and mini arms were an issue but all in all – it’s done! At one point all my muscles started shaking and/or giving out – but hey – pushing the body to it’s limits can be pretty fascinating. My injuries include a huge welt/bruise on my thigh from backing into the corner of the tailgate, a very tired/sore back, and my funny bone from laughing as I drove right past our new exit, singing at the top of my lungs. (Thankfully Mick was behind me as a witness) We haven’t seen our things in over six months and it was so exciting to open boxes. The most amazing part, nothing broke. My dear, sweet friend Alie helped pack all the fragile items and what an amazing job! Army wives offer a vault of moving information and tips.

We LOVE, love, LOVE the house. It already feels like home and is super cozy. There is a lot we want to change and we see new things every time, but for now, it is absolutely perfect. We can’t wait to have visitors, even if it’s the new neighbors [stranger danger!]. Hopefully I can get better pictures this week – once we get our furniture.

photo (2)

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