waving white flag

What a week!!! What’s that? It’s only Wednesday? Well…dammit.

Monday, around 10:30, I receive this text from Mick, “is my insurance card on the counter?” I know what this means, he’s hurt and far away. After a frantic text exchange and a 20 second shower, I am driving up a mountain to get him. We sat in Urgent care for three hours and left with an inconclusive diagnosis. We were the only people in the urgent care office. Every single person smiled, asked how our day was, offered us coffee and water. Despite the three hour visit – it was the most pleasant emergency medical situation ever. Once we arrived home, Mick’s hand continued to swell. a lot. [comparisons I’ve used so far – your hand is a hunch back; Hey Popeye; I now know what you’d look like with 200 more pounds; If you were a cartoon, you would be the chubby funny guy.] He goes back tomorrow morning – hoping for a simple conclusion.

In other news – some very sweet people made me the most darling care package – handmade stationery and some lovely rifle paper products. It came at the perfect time, they are the BEST!


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